NFCW – Honky’s Thoughts (Part 2)

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    After sitting on this for 24 hours with my sister-wife, my animosity toward the very topic of trading Wilson for picks can be captured in 5 names:
    Those 5 players cost Seattle 6 first round picks. Based on drafting 2013-2020 (Seattle being league average), the way we spent our last 6 first rounders, and the abysmal record of drafted QBs.
    Fixing the line is a far path to success than hoarding a ton of picks frittered away. No fair assessment of the actual FO’s performance, even by themselves, can argue they will get more value from 6 first rounders especially if RW is on the other side pushing those picks down into the 20s.
    This is why I hated John Schneider shopping Wilson in 2018 for the Brown’s #1 pick. That erodes trust. It is super hard for an employee to believe your employer has your best interest in heart when they are also considering shopping you. This is why I am ok with Wilson using pressure to change the dynamic–Wilson holds the ball too long (so does Josh Allen who was sacked less than 30 times–and Rodgers and Mahomes are usually right there with Wilson, too) but the facts are facts: Seattle is 28th in line spending since 2012. 28th. And that has nothing to do with Wilson’s contract (already laid those numbers out).
    Something has to change in Seattle. The big losers in this will be us fans if we get 3 firsts for Wilson–what a rip off.
    Sadly, Jamal Adams is at the core of this. 2 firsts for a box safety, selling away the future of building through the draft, and committing another #1 safety contract. This is poor team building.
    I think the tension¬†right now¬†is also to be expected. Jody Allen gave Pete and John a huge vote of confidence–with 5 and 7 year extensions she told Wilson, “They will be here as long as you are, maybe longer.” Russ is responding pretty rationally knowing John was shopping him:
    • Jody has said Pete and John, and the status quo, are here to stay
    • Thus as long as I am here I am going to voice my view on certain things that are amiss
    • Starting with being treated like a franchise QB with some input.
    • I hate getting hit so often and I am no 32 so I don’t like you spending 28th on the line to protect me. This is a typical franchise QB ask.
    • If you have a problem treating me as a Franchise QB and are going to ignore me then you have some decisions to make.
    • But instead of it all being exclusively “in house” and ignored, entering year 10 I won’t be ignored anymore. Your jobs are secure so the only leverage I have now is to be vocal.
    • I want to be somewhere where I am treated as a franchise QB.
    • Not as an asset you may or may NOT build around and are shopping.
    • Your choice–you 2 are going to be here 5 years, so it is your decision if that is with me as a partner at Franchise QB or if you are done with me.
    • But I am not Rookie Wilson anymore.
    Btw, I cannot think of a time of a QB in their prime–Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc.– where their GM actively shopped them. But John is like Teflon. Sure, maybe it is his job, but then we cannot lament when players exercise their same career interests.
    At this point I want the drama gone. The Hawks are going to suck if they get 5 first rounders for Wilson and the FO will be actively destroying what should be a wild 5 year run “banking” on their ability to build. I have been a fan since the early 80s, I have zero confidence any team without a deep roster and a good QB could convert 5 1sts into a SB championship.


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