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    NFC West – A Call For Ceasefire

    850 465 Tribe

    I come here again after many months to consume the same vile toxicity that caused myself, Honky, and Lisa to flee from this place. Somewhere now there is shooting and men are being hunted and imprisoned and tortured and murdered, some corner of a peaceful world is being trampled upon, and one knows it, helplessly,…

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    656 369 BLONKERS

    The NFL Regular season has starts with probably the most depth at starting QB we have ever seen but none are more relevant than this season’s Super bowl MVP, Patrick “SHOWTIME” Mahomes. He is the Messiah of football. the Michael Jordan of the NFL and is locked down as a Chief for 10 more years.…

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    658 330 chriskeal

    TOP 10 ASSHOLES OF SKA These dumb youg krunks really are assholes! Most of them are cacuasian cult Trump followers! AVOID talking to those people whenevr possible! 1. Sharif – blocked! This krunk has been a problem for a long time! He posts disgusting gifs that I can’t even mention! Block before he gets yo…

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    GATR PRESENTS: An Open Letter To Michael Brummett

    640 360 Gatrbuc

    Dear Michael, You are the Biggest Fattest Piece of Shit that has ever posted here on this site I have Constantly proved your lies but just like a bad penny or Herpes you keep showing up. When you made up your own ‘site’ most of us here were hoping you were gone for good but…

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    NFC West – Honky’s Thoughts – Episode 1

    1024 683 Tribe

    “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine…open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.” – Silent Bob  

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    1000 563 Gatrbuc

    With the first overall pick in the 2020 Libtard draft, Zippy picks… himself, cuck, Oregon. With the second overall pick in the 2020 Libtard draft, Toodlum selects… Jessica Miller, high schooler, Texas. With the third overall pick in the 2020 Libtard draft, Gubby selects… Gubby Jr., born female, Iowa. With the fourth overall pick in…

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    956 538 chriskeal

    Here’s a mock draft from PFF. Got sick of looking at Zippy’s lovable face. 1. CINCINNATI BENGALS — QB JOE BURROW, LSU SP: While the Bengals could certainly listen to offers that would completely change the course of their franchise with three or four first-round picks, they’ll hold onto No. 1 overall and go with…

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    I was wrong.

    640 480 Gatrbuc

    After fighting it for over three years, I will finally admit that I was wrong. Donald Trump is the leader that our country needed. I was neutered by the Obama presidency. Brainwashed, even. Obama told me “Orange Man bad, Crooked Hillary good.” And I listened to him. The last three months have revealed the true…

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    622 417 chriskeal

    …A historical perspective on blown leads in NFL games One of my favorite contrarians I follow on twitter is Scott Kacsmar. He is from Indy and loves the Colts and Peyton Manning. He violently hates Tom Brady and can usually be found digging up reasons as to why Brady is not the GOAT. That point…

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    K1 PRESENTS: Point / Counterpoint – A SB LIV Retrospective

    960 954 chriskeal

    Well, Superbowl LIV has come and gone. What was seen by many faithful as a dynasty beginning is now in question. Adusoron is gone, perhaps for good. The 49er fan base is in disarray. Tribe might be back to his old ways, and if that is the case than truly no one is safe. Outside…

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