Oliver Knows Football and Other Things: Week 6

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    I got pushed back due to Vegas’ gay math article. Now let’s talk about something we actually care about.

    Seattle makes a statement

    The Rams had been the best team in the NFC West by a mile for the first 4 weeks. Not anymore. The Seahawks’ defense was up to the task on Sunday and the Seahawks scored their first road win over the Rams since 2013 and only their third since 2009. The offense was back to its porous ways, but they showed that they should not be counted out in the NFC West yet. They are now 3-2 and own a potentially critical tiebreaker over Los Angeles.

    Rams up to old, terrible tricks last week

    It was like watching the 2016 team all over again. The Rams scored a paltry 10 points and turned it over 5 times in their disappointing loss to the Seahawks. Last year, the Rams were -11 in the turnover battle and it had to be a bit disheartening to see those bad habits reemerge in such an important game. As bad as they were, they were stopped deep in Seattle territory on their final drive, so they could have walked away with a win anyways. Nonetheless, they need to regroup before heading to Jacksonville.

    Another week, another loss

    This time, the loss was to the Luckless Colts. Pretty embarrassing when you consider how bad the Colts have been this year. The 49ers have now lost their last 4 games by a combined 11 points, and their schedule does not get any easier with the Redskins, Cowboys, and Eagles coming up back to back to back. Brian Hoyer was appalling for all but 5 minutes of this game, with George Kittle coming in clutch. I definitely was against starting Beathard, but he couldn’t be any worse, could he?

    Annihilation in Philadelphia

    Panic time in Arizona! No running game, a horrendous offensive line, and an aging quarterback have led this team to a 2-3 record that should be worse given how utterly awful they have looked most of the time. The Eagles exploited everything bad about the Cardinals in their 34-7 win, showing that the floor for this team is a lot more extreme than it’s ceiling. They hope bringing in a washed up former MVP at running back will change the tide in their favor. With that offensive line, it does not appear likely.

    National Anthem protest coverage is getting annoying

    Just stop covering it. If the players want to protest, I will hate them for disrespecting law enforcement, but it is their right. The media and the president (and vice president) making such a big deal out of it is taking away from the game we all know and love.

    Just stop broadcasting the protests on TV so we can enjoy football on our Sundays, not what players do during the National Anthem. Making a bigger deal out of it than it is will only escalate the situation more.

    Best game last week

    Packers at Cowboys. Another thriller between these two ended with the Packers breaking the Cowboys hearts again.

    Worst game last week

    Titans at Dolphins. Yawn.

    Best game this week

    Pittsburgh at Kansas City. Playoff rematch and the Chiefs want revenge.

    Worst game this week

    Bears at Ravens. Should speak for itself.

    Fantasy enemy #1

    VCWAU or VWCAU or however the fuck you initialize his weird name. You’re going down intitial man.

    KO Pool Pick

    The Houston Texans, because the Browns.

    Game of Thrones theory of the week

    Davos Seaworth is Azor Ahai. Everybody’s favorite sidekick actually being the hero? Unlikely, but it would be incredibly awesome.

    TV show you should watch if you haven’t already

    BoJack Horseman. The concept sounded stupid as hell before I watched it, but the show is actually the funniest Netflix original I’ve ever seen.


    Eagles over Panthers 27-24

    Falcons over Dolphins 35-7

    Vikings over Packers 20-17

    Saints over Lions 23-20

    Patriots over Jets 24-23

    Redskins over 49ers 37-27

    Ravens over Bears 19-17

    Texans over Browns 44-6

    Buccaneers over Cardinals 20-13

    Jaguars over Rams 30-27

    Chiefs over Steelers 23-16

    Raiders over Chargers 27-20

    Broncos over Giants 20-19

    Titans over Colts 31-10


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