Offseason Trivia Competition

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    We’ve reached the dull point in the off season as the draft has passed, but the preseason doesn’t start until August.

    In the meantime, I’ve decided it is up to me to keep you guys entertained so this offseason we’re going to do some visual trivia. Here’s how it is going to work


    I will post an article with 5-10 pictures in it and each picture will have a question with it.

    Your goal: Answer the questions correct and either post them to the comment section where somebody can relay it to me or send it to

    You will have 48 hours from when the article posts to answer the questions. Whoever gets the least amount correct that week will be eliminated.

    The deadline will be posted in the article.  You will be DQed if you miss the cut.


    What was the score of this game?

    What city is this?


    The topics will include sports, geography, SKA itself, and entertainment. Since you can use the internet, the questions are going to be pretty hard. Only the smartest will survive.


    If you manage to win, you will get up to $50 worth of sports merchandise and have the option rename my DISQUS account for a month (be nice).

    I’ll hopefully have one up tomorrow. Ask me any questions if you have them.


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