Domestic Violence In The NFL: How To Solve It

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    By Miles Hardwick Barleycorn III, Esquire It seems you can’t turn on the news these days without reading about some 49er or Seahawk player punching out his girlfriend, wife, and/or mother.  Even though it may not seem like it, domestic violence is actually a huge problem for 31 NFL teams that aren’t the Packers.  I…

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    Nav Finally Responds to Split Hat

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    I’m back to writing articles guys. This week I am going to discuss baseball a little bit. We are six days away from opening day and the A’s pitching staff is a complete wreck. The line up is going to be really good but every game is going to be a 10-9 final. However, the…

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    “This offseason, there were a lot of people that reached out to me when they heard I was considering retirement,” Thomas said. “They had an opportunity to talk to me and give their input. One of the guys who actually talked to me was [former offensive coordinator] Kyle Shanahan. He put together a 32-point slide…

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    WORMHOLES, AND THEIR PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS My own article is not letting me comment on it. This is sad, but it is also a good thing, as my days have been more productive. I used to think I was a very good multi-tasker because I could be on SKA and still get my work done, but…

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    NFC East Links 3/18

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    Redskins: Report: Former Bears edge rusher Pernell McPhee visiting Redskins Report | Hankins and Scandrick to visit Redskins Council members want change before Redskins training camp deal renewal Washington Redskins: Alex Smith happy to be with new team Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles mock draft roundup: A few writers think Birds will target pass catchers LeGarrette Blount…

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    A Brief History of Time

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    We need a new article, because I can’t comment on the last one. Stephen Hawking died. He was a very smart person. He wrote a book called “A Brief History of Time.” What would Dr. Hawking think of SKA? Probably that we are mostly idiots, consuming resources on Earth that would be better left for…

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    GOATroppolo Presents: Sherman, An Expose

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    Some brilliant exerts from Peter King’s brilliant expose on the Richard Sherman signing: 1. “We’re on the 1-yard line here!” 49ers GM John Lynch said late Saturday afternoon to the free-agent corner he was recruiting, Richard Sherman. “We can do this! We can put this in the end zone!” Sherman smiled. “I’ve been at the…

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    GOATroppolo’s Random Thoughts

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    – Patriots got the 43rd pick trading GOATroppolo. Bills got the 65th pick for trading Tyrod. Bravo Bills. Bravo Lynch. – Buffalo trading Tyrod means they will be drafting a QB in the upcoming draft. Since they pick 21st and 22nd it means they will be looking to trade up to around a top 10…

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