NFC East Week 1 Thoughts and Standouts

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    By Joey Esquire You lazy, shiftless bastards can’t scribble out a few paragraphs and e-mail it to Squatch. Shameful. You can’t even make a list of names and call it an all-bEast team. It doesn’t even really require any real thought. Freeloaders. Given my position on this blog as the provider of sagacious wisdom and…

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    NFC East Links – Week 1 2018

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    Redskins Adrian Peterson immediately makes presence felt with Redskins Alabama NFL roundup: Washington Redskins win behind ‘Alabama Wall’ Protesters call for NFL mascot name change: “R*dskin is a dictionary-defined racial slur” Will D.C be the next city suckered into paying for an NFL Stadium? Eagles: Eagles can count on defense until offense finds rhythm 9…

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    TAILGATE 2018: WEEK 1

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    WEEK 1 THURSDAY, SEP 6, 2018 GAME TIME/SCORE TV LOCATION TICKETS Atlanta at Philadelphia ATL 12 – PHI 18 NBC Lincoln Financial Field SUNDAY, SEP 9, 2018 GAME TIME/SCORE TV LOCATION TICKETS Buffalo at Baltimore 1:00 pm CBS M&T Bank Stadium Tickets starting at $40.07 Cincinnati at Indianapolis 1:00 pm CBS Lucas Oil Stadium Tickets…

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    The Dynasty That Never Was: Inside the Unraveling of the Seattle Seahawks

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    As they grew into Super Bowl contenders, the Seahawks—especially the Legion of Boom defense—prided themselves on a ruthless internal competitiveness that lifted everyone and was the foundation of an NFL championship. But some former and current Seattle players say a growing rift developed, based largely on the special treatment some felt was afforded quarterback Russell…

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    SKA 2018 Fantasy Leagues

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    MONEY LEAGUE UPDATE: 11 of the 12 teams have joined. The only one who hasn’t is BKOB cuz walking around somewhere. This is a day to day operation stay tuned. All efforts are being made to find him and bring him hone. I will be sending out polls which you will be notified of via email…

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    NFC East Secondary Ranking

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    By Joey Esquire Originally I anticipated this series would be six articles: QBs, run offense, pass catchers, pass rush, run defense and secondary. In researching my run defense article, I came to the realization that there is no meaningful statistic – none at all, anywhere –which supports the idea that run defense correlates to wins.…

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    Dear Papaji, I probably should be asleep right now as I have work in the morning. Instead I am going to use this time to try to explain all the things you did for me. In a chaotic family you were the stable one that rarely lost his cool. You were the one that taught…

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    NFC East Pass Rush Ranking

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    This one should be easy to write. Just tally up total sacks and rank accordingly, right? No, because that would be stupid. 1. Philadelphia Eagles 2. Washington Redskins 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. New York Giants 4. New York Giants DL Depth Chart: Dalvin Tomlinson, Snacks Harrison, BJ Hill, Kerry Wynn, Robert Thomas, AJ Francis, Avery…

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