CINCO PRESENTS: An article only an A’s fan can get through

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    I know what you’re all thinking, why is Espn’s 49ers5bowls writing an article about the Oakland A’s? Well, I think it’s obvious as to why, I miss my Hindu brother, Espn’s NavorroIsKing. By the way, this article is boring AF, so just go straight to the comments fags. Last week the A’s new stadium approval…

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    Jimmy Garoppolo is the Best Quarterback in the NFC West

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    Before Jimmy Garoppolo was traded on October 30th, the 49ers were 0-9.  Now, just a few weeks later, they are 3-10. Once near the bottom of power rankings right next to DGDub’s favorite team, the Browns, the 49ers moved into the #23 spot on this week. At this pace, the 49ers will be the…

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    The Painful Truth and Detriment of Fake Knowledge

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    Somewhere along the PCT a SKA user found themselves with tremendously too much time on their hands. Living off of dung beetles and excrement warped the once thought to be knowledgeable thinking of BKOB, one can only imagine the horrors he faced travelling with companions of such like-minded hippyness. He returned to us a changed…

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    NFC East Links – Week 15

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    Redskins: Jay Gruden taking all the blame for Redskins’ woes sounds familiar Report: Zach Brown injury unlikely to be season ending Who Could Replace Jay Gruden as Head Coach of the Redskins? Redskins Place Three On Injured Reserve, Sign Three To Active Roster Eagles: Nick Foles takes over as the Eagles return to practice |…

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    The Real BKOB Report – Week 14 Edition

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    Since my articles keep getting replaced after LESS THAN ONE DAY, and since Lisa refuses to #FeatureTheKnowledge, I’ve decided to be a big baby about it and cancel The Real BKOB Report. This has nothing to do with the Seahawks losing. You won’t have The Real BKOB Report to kick around anymore.   APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!…

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    Annual Musings on Upper Echelon SKA Trolls

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    As you have all probably forgotten, I used to write some articles for SKA; however, I stopped so I could focus on other life interests such as having sex, fighting, and yelling at my family. The fighting and yelling are going great. Thanks for asking. On a related note, I would recommend that you all…

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    TAILGATE 2017: WEEk 14

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    WEEK 14 THURSDAY, DEC 7, 2017 GAME TIME/SCORE TV LOCATION TICKETS New Orleans at Atlanta NO 17 – ATL 20 NFLN Mercedes-Benz Stadium SUNDAY, DEC 10, 2017 GAME TIME/SCORE TV LOCATION TICKETS Chicago at Cincinnati 1:00 pm FOX Paul Brown Stadium Tickets starting at $15.70 Dallas at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm FOX MetLife Stadium Tickets…

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    DGdub’s CFB Weekly Update

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    This has been one wild College Football season, and the coaching carousel might have been even crazier. There have been a ton of coaching changes this year. We’ve had coaches leaving programs where they’ve won National Championships. We’ve had coaches leaving programs after they went an entire season without a loss. We’ve seen the return…

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