K1’s 2018 Team Preview Series: Baltimore Ravens

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    The 2017 season was the Baltimore Ravens’ 22nd season in the National Football League and the 10th under head coach John Harbaugh. This was also the 10th season with Joe Flacco as the team’s starting quarterback. The Ravens improved on the previous season’s 8–8 record, but failed to qualify for the playoffs for the third…

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    NFC East Pass Offense Ranking

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    By Joey Esquire I hope you all enjoyed last week’s throwback-to-the 80s article. This week I am returning to the 21st century to take a look at passing offenses. I’m going to focus on pass-catchers, but I’ll make note of projected OL pass-protection performance as well. 1. New York Giants 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Washington…

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    K1’s 2018 Team Preview Series: Green Bay Packers

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    After reaching the NFC Championship Game in the previous season, the Packers failed to improve upon a 10–6 record from 2016 and were eliminated from postseason contention after Week 15. This marked the first time since 2008 that they failed to make the playoffs. After a 4-1 start, the Packers lost starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers…

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    NFC East Run Game Ranking

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    By Joey Impatient Esquire The correlation of rushing yards to wins in the NFL has generally declined over the past 40 years or so. Recent analyses tend to show, regardless of game situation, that passing has a higher rate of success than running. But because NFL coaches still inexplicably called runs on 42.4% of plays…

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    K1’s 2018 NFCW Team Preview Series: Los Angeles Rams

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    By all accounts, the 2017 Los Angeles Rams beat expectations going into the season. Sean McVay was a rookie HC at age 31. The roster, especially on offense, was in shambles. It seemed like true contention was perhaps years away. The organization was able to assemble a veteran coaching staff around the venerable McVay on…

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    Zorstique’s Non-Mariners Update of the Week

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    I will keep this short, as most are excited to get down to the comments. I am not allowed to write any Mariners articles until they make the playoffs or win the World Series (I do not remember which one.) However someone has to, which brings us to a very exciting time of the year……

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    NFC East Team QB Rankings

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    By Joey Esquire. In 2017, I tried my hand at forecasting the performance of various position groups for all four NFCE teams. That series of articles was… epic. But this year, I am going to change it up a bit. These articles will try to predict how teams will perform byfunction: quarterbacking, run game, pass…

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    NFC East New Post

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