GOATroppolo’s Random Thoughts

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    – Patriots got the 43rd pick trading GOATroppolo. Bills got the 65th pick for trading Tyrod. Bravo Bills. Bravo Lynch. – Buffalo trading Tyrod means they will be drafting a QB in the upcoming draft. Since they pick 21st and 22nd it means they will be looking to trade up to around a top 10…

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    Purple Boy Presents: KOOLICKLES

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    I know what you all are thinking. Why arent we Purple. Red sucks Purples dick Dicks are kinda like pickles Most of you have a pickle dick why not soak it in koolaid. SUCKIN LICKIN CRUNCHIN KOOLICKLES (Kool-Aid Marinated Dill Pickles) A fine American delicacy. Made from fresh ingredients. Koolickles are sweet, they’re sour and…

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    NFC East Links – 3/5

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    Direct Disqus Link to Comments Redskins: Washington Redskins: 3 defensive backs to watch at the NFL Combine Redskins’ Su’a Cravens: Could stay in D.C. Justin Reid Is A Versatile DB On The Rise; The Redskins Could Use His Talent At Several Positions Redskins monitoring Dontari Poe, according to report Eagles: What the Eagles should do…

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    FREE AGENTS / TRADES KIRK COUSINS Strengths: INCREDIBLY adept at making obscene amounts of money. He’s an earner. Seems to throw for lots of yards. Has his own tag line. Weaknesses: Overrated nerd. Probably believes in Jesus Odds of acquiring: 20% SAM BRADFORD Strengths: Can look off two safeties simultaneously. Lots of starts under his…

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    SKA of Thrones, Part 3

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    We’re back for part 3 of SKA of Thrones with a whole new cast of characters. Sit back and enjoy the show. Aemon Targaryen Old man who likes to read and write and is very calm despite the people around him being insane. SKA Equivalent: Silent Bob Jeor Mormont Really old, but a big, strong…

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    Kristina Keal Presents: Best and Worst SKA Krunks!

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    There is a lot of debate on who is the top dog on SKA. The debate is over. Data can be used to show who provides the most and least quality of comments. We will be using one metric to determine who is the best SKA member. This metric is the comment-to-likes received ratio. One…

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    A New Article

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    Because no one’s fingers should be subjected to that much scrolling.

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    It seems like every day I am approached by Knowledge Seekers on the street who ask me “WHY?? Why does everyone LOVE Russell Carrington Wilson so very much? Why does his greatness inspire us all? And why, oh why, does his story speak to my very soul? What makes him so GARSH-DARN RELATABLE??!” These are…

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