An Ode to Silent “Thug Life” Bob

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    Bob is nice. He hikes and enjoys nature. And, although Bob metaphorically steam rolls people like an 18-wheeler, with a drunk driver drivin’, on a regular basis, he does so in a manner that is in no way motivated by race. Either way, there is still no survin’. It is also worth mentioning that Bob…

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    NFC East Links 5-29

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    Redskins: Is this Jay Gruden’s best roster yet? 8 things we learned from the start of Redskins’ OTAs Washington Redskins UDFA profile – Darvin Kidsy, WR/PR/KR, North Texas & Texas Southern Brian Lafemina named as new Washington Redskins COO Eagles: Did Philadelphia Eagles make right decision in turning down Nick Foles trade? Pro Football Doc:…

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    I’mJustaBill Presents: The 8 Worst Things To Say/Do To Someone From Buffalo

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    Disclaimer: Hi guys. I have never written an article before and I know that 90% of the people here do not read them, but please read this one. I would appreciate it. Gloat about your sports championships. Buffalo has two teams and neither one of them has ever won a championship. We are used to…

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    Way to Go, Robinson Canó

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    By Sad Bob *All sad opinions and sad commentary in this sad article are the views of the sad author and do not necessarily reflect the more positive and upbeat opinions of I am still new to baseball. My interest in baseball could be called a juvenile love of baseball. My grandson loves baseball,…

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    For your listening pleasure!

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    NFC East Links – 5-14

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    Redskins: Redskins: 5 veteran options to acquire to create more competition at left guard Redskins rookie camp brings first look at draft class Redskins Fans, Meet Your New Swing-Tackle – Geron Christian Ten Redskins rookies to watch at mini-camp Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles: 8 Veterans get invited to Rookie Mini-Camp Goedert Adjusting Well To Philadelphia Eagles…

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    Trivia: Round 2

    480 360 Oliver James

    Congratulations to Vegas on the lone perfect score in the last round of trivia. The answers for each picture were: 0 touchdowns for Peyton Manning Score: 23-10 Steelers City: Fresno, California Person: KJ Apa Baseball logo: Erie Seawolves If you reverse googled the images, I commend you for your cleverness, but I am sorry to…

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    Ode to OSS : So We’ll Go No more A Roving

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    So we’ll go no more a roving, my dear friend OSS late into the night tho the heart is still loving as the moon is still bright For the mod badge outwears the sheath and the soul outwears the breast SO the heart must pause to breathe and love itself have rest Though the nights were…

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