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    One of our most beloved (if not our MOST beloved) seems to have flown the coop. He submitted 4 article submissions in quick succession which are posted below. Farewell Nav. We love you. Submission 1: It’s been a good six years Keal. I’m on to other stuff. Don’t go looking for me, I’ll send some…

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    Olympic National Park Hike: A Yelp Review

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    Was invited to a 30-40 mile group hike over 6 days along the beaches of Olympic National Park and then the Hoh Rain Forest. Day 1: We stayed the night in a trap-house disguised as a motel in preparation for our journey. I was in my element. Trip highlight. Day 2: I was told this…

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    NFC East Positional Group Rankings – Offense

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    By: Lupo Offense: WR: 1. Eagles- little bit of everything in this group 2. Giants- Tate & Sheppard are very good 3. Cowboys- Cooper proved a lot, not buying the Cobb hype 4. Skins- Trey Quinn and some dudes RB: 1. Giants- best RB in the league 2. Cowboys- 3rd best RB in the league…

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    K1 PRESENTS: PFF Roster Grades and Analysis – Los Angeles Rams

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    This article series will cover PFF’s rankings of NFC West teams and Las Vegas Green Bay Packers. This first article will cover the LA Rams, who came in #2 in the NFL, and first in the NFC West. 2. Los Angeles Rams Biggest strength: Aaron Donald finished each of the past four seasons as the…

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    A Farewell from Justin

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    THE REAL NEWS: -Liberals are ruining our country, especially the ones on the spectrum, like dong and aoc. -Trump is the best President we have had in decades. Beenthere knows it. -Shaq is a Cowboys Fan. Shaq is the best. -Squatch and PoP don’t put food on the table for their families. -Fivers, Justin, Mosley,…

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    NAV PRESENTS: Top 5 Reasons Dub is afraid of the 2019 49ers.

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    So, to get a new article up, I’m going fo write about the 49ers on my phone. I’ll discuss five reasons why Dub is afraid of the 49ers. Yes, I’m going full homer mode . It’s June, talk to me about realistic expectations in September. The 49ers pass rush is going to be deadly. Russell…

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    A Second Message From U.S. Navy SEAL Don Shipley

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    RE: Fake U.S. Navy SEAL Sir, I greatly appreciate your ongoing interest in upholding the honor of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, and your search for the truth. My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates, who truly earned the right…

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