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    (Only teams relevant to the NFCW, its users, abusers, and hangers-on) Forgetaboutit, Niners: Signed running back Tevin Coleman from the Falcons. Why? The Niners need mudders, like Roger Craig, and Carlos Hyde. These indoor carpet dancers like Jerrick McKinnon tear their ACL’s as soon as their ballet slippers touch actual soil. Signed pass rush specialists…

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    Cloister’s Mock 2.0

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    Trades aplenty have been included this time around, which is much more realistic, but also impossible to predict. I also decided to only provide narratives for the teams that are fan-represented on SKA as to limit scrolling. To the picks! Arizona Cardinals – Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama The Cardinals pass up a pretty sure thing…

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    Let’s face it,.. The NFL has fallen victim to a generation of political correctness and cuckery. What was once a glorious game of goliaths, has turned into a league of flower picking sissies like Gubby. In an effort to decrease player safety, increase BIG HITS and pace of play, I have whipped up some new…

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    NFC East: Washington Redskins 3 Year Plan to Contend

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    By Mytee The Washington Redskins find themselves in a tough spot. A decent offensive line, with an aging, injury prone star, A decent stable of running backs, including a great third down back, a youngster with high upside coming off an ACL and possibly bringing back the immortal Adrian Peterson. Their tight ends are solid,…

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    K1’s NFC West Off-Season Preview: Part 2

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    This segment of the series will cover the Arizona Cardinals, and the 5 Time Superbowl Champion San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco 49ers: 4-12 3rd place in the NFC West. 1-5 vs the NFC West Reasons for Optimism: Realistically there is no way they end up with 17 players on IR in 2019. Going into the…

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    NFC East – Lazy Man’s Mock Draft

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    By Joey Esquire I am putting as little thought and effort into this as possible. I have literally run a draft simulation on Fanspeak and will just comment on the results. I didn’t actually make any of the picks. Round 1: 1. Arizona Cardinals – Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State 2. San Francisco 49ers –…

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    HEY EVERYONE ITS THE TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN LETS SEE HOW EVERYONES PERSONAS HAVE EVOLVED   MFA: Germicide BKOB: Golden Hoboner Lisa: Margaret Snatcher Zippy: Peaches Bader: Leon Trollsky Tribe: Benus Nav: Ghodi Chad Vegas: Pfizer Baby Keal: The Spirituous Stalin Beaster: Beasiality Brew: Jew 30 HH: Bald Beagle Ancient: Derb Halos: Gaylos KZ:…

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    Frednesday: Call The Whole Band Together

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    So it’s been a long time since your Fred done left ya. Don’t worry he returns from his journey well rested. Here to pump SKA the old familiar way Barbed Insults, snide trolling: The spiked kool-aid family way. MotherKeal called me back into this light FPS Pray For Us, we toll the troll King tonight…

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