NFC East Links 2-13

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    Redskins: Washington Redskins: The cons of drafting a first-round defensive lineman Redskins safety Su’a Cravens applies for reinstatement Redskins must improve injury record and defense in 2018 Allen Robinson? Ryan Grant? Here are Redskins’ free-agent options at wide receiver. Eagles: 10 Philadelphia Eagles who might not return in 2018 Rules analyst says Philadelphia Eagles’ signature…

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    Stop Comparing Jimmy Garoppolo to Colin Kaepernick

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    Jimmy Garoppolo and Colin Kaepernick do have some things in common. Both were second round picks, have gifted skillsets, and did very well when they first took over as the 49ers’starting quarterback. However, the similarities really end there. I hate to be the patronizing smug asshole on SKA, but I am going to educate some of…

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    Vikings Will Choke As Usual

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    Let’s show some support for a Blog Legend, and remember that NO MATTER WHAT The Vikings Will Choke As Usual!!!! View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on…

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    DGdub’s Weekly NASCAR Update

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    The Daytona 500 is the greatest race of the NASCAR season. Now that the football season is over and baseball has yet to start, we can focus on racing to pass the time. This should be a great season filled with newcomers and veterans. There are several new faces, and old faces in new rides.…

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    Breakdown of 2018 Non-Division Opponents: 49ers

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    Today we continue the breakdown of 2018 non-division opponents for the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers closed the season winning 6 of 7, but still finished last in the division. Like other NFC West teams, the 49ers will play the AFC West and the NFC North in 2018. Due to their…

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    Callabos Presents: YOU JACKASSES

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    Let me get this straight. You just had to keep a website operational and you degenerates couldn’t even do that? No no, this isn’t derision. This isn’t crassness. The NFCN represents a lot of things but most of all ineptness. Rodgers has been at the bottom of the Brady friend list for years. Cutler had…

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    Breakdown of 2018 Non-Division Opponents: Rams

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    We continue the breakdown of 2018 non-division opponents for NFC West teams, this time looking at the reigning division champs, the LA Rams. Like other NFC West teams, they will play the NFC North and AFC West in 2018. Due to their first place finish, they will be playing on the road against the winner…

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    NFC East Super Bowl Prediction Results

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    User Prediction Howie The Empire loses. JosephR2225 27-13 Patriots. Closer than the score indicates. Eagles driving late to tie, drive stalls on fourth down, Patriots respond with a game-sealing TD. Tigre Eagles 23 Patriots 26 Frenchie There is something special about this Eagles team. From their strong sense of faith and unity to their…

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