GOATroppolo Presents: The Schottenheimer Problem

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    Bevell was unfairly scapegoated by many Seahawks fans who blamed him for their team’s offensive setbacks. He did a very good job of catering that offense to Russell Wilson’s strengths and maximizing his unique abilities to create an efficient scoring unit. Just on the basis of Weighted DVOA, (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) here are the…

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    Authored By: Ask your fucking mods to do a goddamn address search and find out. They aren’t good for any fucking thing else. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale about a piece of shit Called Espn 4 years ago became a bunch of dicks The Bader a mighty failing man, The Chris Keal…

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    The Cult of Jimmy God

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    Authors: Son of Liberty, Cato, and Publius “We, the Rebel Alliance against Jimmy God and HIs Cult, do therefore in the name—and by the authority—of the free beings of SKA, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal; To refuse any…

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    Halos Presents: Do Me A Favor. Shut The Fuck Up About Net Neutrality

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    This has literally got to be the dumbest fuckin political subject Americans have emotionally invested themselves in since…well probably the last 2 weeks. How many times do we have to play this same game of emotional rope a dope before we finally catch that twinge in our spines and go…”Hold on a minute, this pattern…

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    NFC bEast Team – Year End

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    By: Joey Esquire QB: Carson Wentz – What might have been. RB: Ezekiel Elliott – Despite missing six games, he led the division in rushing yards, rushing TDs and yards from scrimmage. WR: Nelson Agholor, Alshon Jeffery, Sterling Shepard – I am tempted to keep Jeffery off this list because he was so inefficient, but…

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    Ranking 49ers Starting Quarterbacks since Steve Young

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    The 49ers found their franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo due Belichick not wanting to send him to Cleveland, the city of dead ends for quarterbacks. It has been a long time since The Faithful could say this with a virtual certainty, and to prove it, I’ve accumulated a list of all 16 quarterbacks to start…

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    CuckCuckGo PRESENTS: A Special Article for a Special Friend

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    Which is your favorite? Mainly Forgotten About Mainly Fucks Animals Major Flatulent Asshole Major Food Absorber Malfunctioning Flotation Assistant Manslaughter Feels Appropriate Massacred Fatty Anus May Find Alibi McDonald’s Fry Attendant Mesa’s Finest Assfucker Middleschool Faggot Assassin Might Flee America Might Float Again Might Fuckup Again Mike Fears Angina Mike Fears Arrest Mike Fellates Asians…

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    NAV PRESENTS: This is the last DHC article I promise.

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    I was planning to write a article responding to Split hat’s article. The one he wrote three weeks ago about the Oakland A’s. That article broke me and made me want to crawl under a rock. However, three hours ago Keal revealed that our favorite racist DHC has officially passed away. I wrote a eulogy…

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