NFCE Position Rankings – TE

    900 503 Sir Squatch

    By Joey Esquire TIGHT ENDS This one might rankle some Cowboys fans, longing for the good old days. 1. Washington Redskins 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. New York Giants 4. NEW YORK GIANTS Depth Chart: Evan Engram, Will Tye, Jerrell Adams 2016 Stats: Initially, I figured Evan Engram would be included in the…

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    A Desperate Man

    310 162 Munkey

    There once was a man named leaK. He was responsible for organizing a social club for the mentally deranged. He was also responsible for collecting art (poetry and rantings and the like) from them individually, and sharing it with all of them. One day all of the deranged people stopped appreciating leaK. They stopped supplying…

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    NFC West Offseason Grades

    600 405 Oliver James

    Sorry Freddy, couldn’t deal with crazy conspiracies anymore. My offseason grades for every NFC West team. I will have explanations edited in tonight. Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: D Draft: A- Overall: B   Los Angeles Rams Free Agency: B Draft: D- Overall: C-   San Francisco 49ers Free Agency: B Draft: A Overall: A-  …

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    NFCE Positional Group Rankings – WR

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    By Joey “I suck off Kirk Cousins on Fuws command” Esquire. Much like quarterbacks, I think fans of all four teams are more or less happy with their current WR corps, which is somewhat surprising considering the state of WRs in the division a year ago. The gap separating all four teams at the WR…

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    NFCE Positional Group Rankings – RB

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    PART II – Running Backs When I wrote my quarterback ranking, I said the NFCE is perhaps the only division where all four teams are relatively happy with their current QB situations. Running backs… not so much; at least for half the division. I’m ranking the RB groups in this division as: 1. Dallas Cowboys…

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    853 480 chriskeal

    My intent was to hunker-down and wait out the Rapture, but current events continue to amaze and appall me. The antidote to witchcraft is awareness, and a lot of witchcraft is all this Pre-programming i see coming down the pike. So i pulled up google news and will decode the days headlines for your safety.…

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    1024 570 Sir Squatch

    NFCE POSITION GROUP RANKINGS A Series by Joey Esquire In this and subsequent articles I’m going to take a look at the strength of various position groups for the NFCE teams and rank them accordingly. They will be broken down as: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, Interior DL, Edge, Off-Ball LB, CB, S. If you…

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    Monday Links: Cardinals work out Blaine Gabbert

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    Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Anyways, enjoy some NFC West knowledge. Arizona Cardinals The Cardinals worked out 49ers legend Blaine Gabbert on Thursday John Brown’s unknown status is making it difficult for the Cardinals to plan their offense for the season Dorian Johnson has competition to break into the Cardinal’s guard rotation Los…

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