BKUESDAY – Come Sail Away

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    That’s right, Fred Heads and Knowledge Seekers. I lost a bet to Fred fair and square, so enjoy this very-early, very-special edition of Frednesday with a very-special guest author. Can such a bizarre hybrid of pleasures even be legal? We’re about to find out. Buckle up, it’s BKUESDAY!! I was given a specific set of instructions on how…

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    Maynard Presents: The Dynasty that never was,.. Seahawks Story

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    Quickly following their first franchise SB win in the 2013-2014 season (SB 48) a game in which they decimated a historic Denver Broncos offense there was a certain D word being thrown around Seattle radio, forums, twitter, Facebook and whatever platform in which sports is often discussed. No, that D word was not Dick (Looking…

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    The divisional round games are as follows: [divider color=”#949494″] Texans @ Patriots Seahawks @ Falcons Packers @ Cowboys Steelers @ Chiefs [divider color=”#949494″] We are going to be more lax with embedding images on game days this year. Moderators will allow it or not allow it based on high volume board activity and/or complaints. Thank you.

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    Fredemption Frednesday: Wild Card BLOGFYRE VOL1

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    Don’t tell them, but Fred’s displeased the prisoners survived elimination island another week. The NFCWest was about to end 3 weeks ago cuz i was expecting the NFL to disqualify our division because we were all such jokes. Don’t you see, football season goes to slumber but Frednesday never sleeps – so DIE, Seattle! WHY…

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    NFC East Links 1-9

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    Redskins: Washington Redskins Interview Mike Pettine For Defensive Coordinator Job 2017 Mock Drafts: Reuben Foster To The Redskins? Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson: The Redskins’ options NEED TO KNOW: THE REDSKINS NEED TO TAKE TWO STEPS FORWARD IN 2017 Eagles: Bennie Logan and Trey Burton should be only Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Philadelphia Eagles position review:…

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    DGdub’s CFB Weekly Update: The Rematch

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    CFP Championship Monday, Jan. 9th | 5pm on ESPN The end of the College football season is here. The National Championship game is set, and it will be a rematch of last year’s game. The Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Clemson Tigers in Tampa, Florida. There are some decent storylines to follow in this…

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    The Antonio Ramiro Romo Memorial End of 2016 Season Logbook

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    LOOK AT THE SCORE BOARD MOTHERFUCKER REC PF PA PD RIVALS Dallas 13-3 421 306 +115 2-0 vs Skins, 1-1 vs Philly, 0-2 vs Gmen New York 11-5 310 284 +26 2-0 vs Cows, 1-1 vs Philly, 1-1 vs Skins Washington 8-7-1 396 383 +13 2-0 vs Philly, 1-1 vs Gmen, 0-2 vs Cows Philadelphia…

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    The 5 Lowest Points of a Low Season

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    The 2016 season can only be described as a disaster of epic proportions for the 49ers. They finished 2-14, matching their worst season of all time. They started two different quarterbacks en route to finishing dead last in passing yards in a fast paced offense. They had a historically awful season on defense. They had…

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