NFC East Links 11-22

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    Redskins: Washington Redskins’ Robert Kelley running up a rep Is this NFL Thanksgiving, highlighted by Redskins-Cowboys, the best in history? Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins: Bold Predictions for Week 12 Can Redskins Take The Show On The Road? Eagles: Nelson Agholor wore out his welcome with the Eagles in less than 2 years Report: Big…

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    TRIBE PRESENTS: Monday in Westworld

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    Instead of leaving the Monday game thread as the only West ‘Safe Place’ like tradition for SKA,I will step up and take the initiative before we are once more betrayed by a media platform. First Facebook now our dear friend Livefyre enters the areas of treason that only Snowden and Paris Hilton (Voted for Trump)…

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    TAILGATE 2016: WEEK 11

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    The Week 11 games are as follows: [divider color=”#949494″] SAINTS: 20 @ Panthers: 23 (TNF) Bills @ Bengals Steelers @ Browns Ravens @ Cowboys Jaguars @ Lions Titans @ Colts Buccaneers @ Chiefs Cardinals @ VIkings Bears @ Giants Dolphins @ Rams Eagles @ Seahawks Patriots @ Niners Packers @ Redskins (SNF) Texans @ Raiders…

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    DGdub PRESENTS: CFB Update – What the Hell Happened?

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    It was a crazy weekend for College Football fanatics. It seems to happen every year, just when you feel the picture is becoming clear, things get turned upside down. It was supposed to be a fairly routine week for many of the top ten teams, but five of them lost. What does this mean moving…

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    DCS’s All bEast Team Week 10,..

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    ..RIP in Peace Tony Romo Edition QB – Rayne Dakota Prescott QB2 – Kirk Daniel Cousins RB – Ezekiel Elliott RB2 – Darren Lee Sproles TE – Christopher Jason Witten TE2 – Jordan Michelle Reed WR – Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr, Jamison Crowder, Cole Dickson Beasley, Jordan Armand Matthews LT – Trent Williams RG –…

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    Fredemption Frednesday – The Day the Internet Died

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    This Frednesday we are nearly certain an NFCWest team ended a match victoriously, John McClain sings The Day the Internet Died, the ColoX defection from America gets an interesting footnote, and the Los Hangaleese Hrams begin their long-awaited Era de la Yared Hoff. Peas Before Steak NFCWest, Results & Such Hrams 9 Yetts 6 This…

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    The Real BKOB Report – Week 10 Edition

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    GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! Last week’s BKOB Report set records for Most Knowledge and Most Total Comments. Of course the majority of the comments were people gleefully reposting excerpts of the article itself. The Knowledge Seekers are so amazing! When all around is…

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    DCS’s NFC bEast Links…

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    …Because Squatch is a Slacker and doesn’t do his job Edition [divider] Eagles Where do Eagles stand in NFC playoff picture? The Eagles’ Good, Bad & Ugly Doug Pederson makes a statement that may surprise fans Giants A chance for Giants prime-time revenge — with legends watching Olivier Vernon has played better than you think…

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