NFC East Prediction Center – Pre-Draft

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    Below are the currently tracked Predictions, so check that out then fill out the form below to make some new predictions! Prediction Center of Doom NFCE PREDICTIONS LIVEFYRE USERNAME * PREDICTION *   Verification Please enter any two digits *Example: 12 This box is for spam protection – please leave it blank:

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    PICK 1 – Rams Grade: D+ Knowing that they probably would have just wasted their own picks anyway, the Rams already made the biggest move by moving up for a franchise quarterback that not everyone agrees is a “franchise quarterback.” Once the draft is underway, though, they will take one ofthose guys, not do enough to…

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    NFC East Links – 426

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    Happy Alien Day. Redskins: Josh Norman says he was wowed by Redskins’ Super Bowl trophies Supreme Court Asked to Hear Two Cases That Could Sack Washington ‘Redskins’ Name #Scotchiscoming Washington Redskins Mock Draft Roundup: What the Experts Are Saying Washington Redskins Pass Defense Coming Together Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft Roundup: What the Experts Are…

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    JIVE PRESENTS: The Rams Just Don’t Learn

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    Flashback to four years ago, the Rams completed a mega deal with the Washington Redskins for the 2nd overall pick. A move most Rams fans laughed about and called it “trade rape”. They would mock the Redskins fans that could come around and post pictures of the players the Rams drafted, from the haul of…

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    NFC East Breakfast Links – Off season Workout edition

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    Redskins: Grading the Washington Redskins receivers Washington Redskins: 2016 NFL Draft won’t be flashy NFL Rumors – Redskins, Texans, Ravens & Saints Interested in Drafting Noah Spence Redskins name change should follow actual political action Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles’ NFL mock draft roundup: Rams-Titans trade could cause a shakeup NFL Rumors: Eagles drafting Wentz THE SLEEPERS…

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    Mock Draft: JP and Charlie Prep For the Draft Edition

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    Hello. Monday or Tuesday evening, JP and Charlie will be conducting the first annual (and probably last annual) SKA mock draft. To keep everything simple, JP and I will be alternating picks. JP has the Rams at #1 and I’ll be picking for the Browns at #2. We will not forecast any trades, just pick…

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    JIVE PRESENTS: Warriors are Saving Us From a Level 7 Nav-Madi

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    Madi in Punjab means meltdown. If it wasn’t for the Golden State Warriors Nav would be at a level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The Warriors are a double edged sword for Nav trolling wise. He can point at the record they set and potential championship they win and be a proud fan,…

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    Gizmodo’s Prescient Review of New MySpace..eerrrr NFCWFOOTBALLTROLLS

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    MFA is back, again. But this time, it realizes how horrible it used to be—and almost everything old is gone. It’s a totally fresh start. Unfortunately, New MFA is like Old MFA in one very important way: It’s still stupid. An important caveat: I was invited to use New MFA before it opens closes to…

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