NFC East Links – 11-9

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    Giants: Beckham punches cooler after INT, saves big blows for Bucs Eli Manning throws 2 TD passes as New York Giants hold off Tampa Bay Buccaneers The unknown Cowboys castoff who saved Giants’ day New York Giants Rumors: Will they go after Sean Payton? Eagles: Eagles’ Lane Johnson: I put ‘extra mustard’ on Greg Hardy…

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    TAILGATE 2015: WEEK 9

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    The Week 9 games are as follows: Dolphins @ Bills Packers @ Panthers Rams @ Vikings Redskins @ Patriots Titans @ Saints Jaguars @ Jets Raiders @ Steelers Falcons @ Niners Giants @ Buccaneers Broncos @ Colts Eagles @ Cowboys (SNF) Bears @ Chargers (MNF) We are going to be more lax with embedding images on…

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    Charlie’s Picks Week #9

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    Welcome back to the Charlie The Unicorns Weekly Feature. NFL Week 9 is here. For the record, 80-39 straight-up / 63-56 (ATS – against the spread)…..  I’ve got alot of work this week, so to keep Jive happy, I’ll just post the scores. BYE WEEK: Lions, Chiefs, Cardinals, Seahawks, Ravens and Texans Thursday Night Football…

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    NFC East Prediction Center Results – Week 9

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    Username Prediction Frenchie Eagles beat Cowboys by at least 2 TDs 22SnakePlissken5150 Cowboys over Eagles 23-17 Kellys_Chipadelphia After the game the cows will need to find another QB. splooz Kirk plays loose butthole in NE JosephR2225 Big game from Jordan Matthews. 9 catches, 125 yds, 2 TDs. Fewer than 12 drops. Cowboys sux. Essentially Matt…

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    A PINEAPPLE PRESENTS: “Kaepernick: A Life in Words”

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    If you were expecting a tawdry article full of TMZ-level cheap shots, well, you guessed lucky. We’re going to steer away from discussions of mechanics and analysis of skills progression, and use that time instead towards innuendo, slander, and my opinions stated as unshakeable facts. Let’s begin. View post on Chapter 1: “Aloha, Akhbar!”…

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    NFC Prediction Center – Week 9

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    Below are the currently tracked Predictions, so check that out then fill out the form below to make some new predictions! Prediction Center of Doom NFCE PREDICTIONS LIVEFYRE USERNAME * PREDICTION *   Verification Please enter any two digits *Example: 12 This box is for spam protection – please leave it blank:

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    Good morning SKA users. It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time to Arm Yourselves… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! Welcome to the ONLY article that is written by ME, at 6am, after a long night of heavy drinking. It might sound sad to some, but believe me – after a weekend like the one we just had, the…

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    NFC East Prediction Results – Week 8

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    Username Prediction lddsfuws Dallas wins 13-10. Take over second place. Fiversons Whatever Choy predicts, will be wrong… Again… cloisterwerder Fuck you Josh Huff Frenchie Saints 34, Giants 6 (cuz Giants SUX) Seahawks 20, Cowboys 17 (Dez will drop it, then complain about his sore foot) Skins 8, Bye Week 8 Eagles WRs learn the value…

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