Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Week

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    I know you ‘all missed it. Mariners are going to win the WS. But I think this is more important. Speaking of the boy and girl. I am flying to Orlando with the kids and wife very soon. Was planned for a while; Disney World. Me and the boy are heading north from there. He…

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    NOSHOES: Stats Say Wilson > Palmer and It’s Not Even Close

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    You may or may not remember, a few years ago the topic of most dominant QB in the division was raging hot. There was a lively discussion primarily between Niner and Seahawk fans defending their respective QB’s; Colon Suckadick and Russell “The Great” Wilson. At the time, I wrote an enthralling article that ended the…

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    NFC East Morning Links 1-12

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    Redskins: Kirk Cousins’ season answers big question for Redskins Washington Redskins: Bright spots heading into next season To sustain success after breakthrough season, Redskins must stick to the plan Jay Gruden says he’d like to keep Redskins’ coaching staff intact Eagles: Tom Coughlin interviews with Eagles; search may be delayed Eagles coaching candidates don’t stand…

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    Wilson is a fraud and Cousins was better The Redskins faced the Saints, Panthers, Giants, Cowboys, Bears, Bills, Eagles and Cowboys over the last 8 weeks. avg passer rating against of those defenses was 93.68 over that 8 games Cousins had an avg 124.58 The seahawks faced the Cards (2), 49ers, Steelers, Vikes, Ravens, Browns,…

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    Welcome to WildCard Weekend, you depressing hooligans and gay Boy Scouts. The matchups are as follows… CHIEFS @ TEXANS STEELERS @ BENGALS SEAHAWKS @ VIKINGS PACKERS @ REDSKINS

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    Charlie’s Wild Card Picks – Playoffs Edition

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    Welcome back to the Charlie The Unicorns Wildcard Playoff predictions. Yes. It was a rough week 17 prediction week for me. Some teams laid an egg and other forgot they needed to win to get in the playoffs. The Chiefs, Steelers and Seahawks are all hot and playing this weekend on the road. The Packers…

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    NFC East Prediction Center – Wildcard Weekend

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    Below are the currently tracked Predictions, so check that out then fill out the form below to make some new predictions! Prediction Center of Doom NFCE PREDICTIONS LIVEFYRE USERNAME * PREDICTION *   Verification Please enter any two digits *Example: 12 This box is for spam protection – please leave it blank:

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    NFC East Breakfast Links 1-6

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    Redskins: Washington Redskins: Jay Gruden talks injuries, importance of early leads, and Packers Kyshoen Jarrett’s loss will be felt, Redskins’ D must limit yards after catch A closer look at the Green Bay Packers’ offense How the Redskins matchup against the Packers Eagles: 3 Most Likely People To Become Next Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly…

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