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    Here are the glorious picks for the NFC West teams we love. Over all, the main positions of need were addressed by each of the teams.  There were a few curious picks, but that is expected when the picks are rolling in fast and furious day #3 of the draft.     Arizona Cardinals RD(PK)…

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    NFC East Draft Results

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    Eagles: PICK PLAYER                                           POS HT WT COLLEGE Round 1, Pick 20 (20) Nelson Agholor       WR 6’0″ 198 USC Round 2, Pick 15 (47)  Eric Rowe            …

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    NFC East Draft Party

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    Hey look, a new post! I’ll update this post as the picks come in, or until I stop feeling like it. The current draft order: #5 Washington Redskins: Brandon Scherff STRENGTHS Weight-room star who can lift a house. Powerful run blocker with exceptional power in hips and legs. Moves well laterally and rarely allows defensive…

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    The Earth is Flat and Rests on the Back of a Giant Stack of Turtles. Turtles, All the Way Down

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    Immediately prior to writing this piece of literature I saw a factoid on the twitter: “115 mock drafts last year, none got more than 8 picks right. The only one being mocked is you.” Well, fuck whoever wrote that. I’m going to start with the least relevant teams in the division, and work my way…

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    I’m not going to write the fluff JP did in his piece, I’m going to be OG and give you my picks and a few other guys of interest to Seattle. Seriously, thanks JP for writing some informative articles for SKA during this the 2015 run-up to the draft. Keal loves you man… manbeers are…

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    Going into the 2015 draft, the 49ers find themselves balanced on a knife edge. There is still plenty of talent on the team, despite offseason losses in free agency and the unexpected retirement of two very good ILBs. If they fall one direction, they fall back into mediocrity and likely began a long road to…

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    The draft is next week. We’ve all seen plenty of mock drafts at this point, all of which will be wrong to some degree. And despite the fact that a couple of smartasses with bear and horned-horse avatars will pretend to know what will happen, even people who are paid 6 figures to produce mock…

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    NFL Schedule Release, East Links

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    Image via Redskins: Washington Redskins Rumors: Robert Griffin III Favors Free Agency After Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston Trade Talk? Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Todd Gurley Draft Options Schedule for Washington Redskins Released LOVERRO: Scot McCloughan’s draft misses just as important as his successes Washington Redskins schedule analysis Cowboys: NFL releases Dallas Cowboys 2015 schedule Moore:…

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