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    The early games today are as follows: COLTS @ BILLS PACKERS @ BEARS CHIEFS @ TEXANS PANTHERS @ JAGUARS BROWNS @ JETS SEAHAWKS @ RAMS We are going to be more lax with embedding images on game days this year. Moderators will allow it or not allow it based on high volume board activity and/or…

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    20 Best Players in the bEast (PART 2)

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    The Countdown continues. Before we get into the top 10, a few honorable mentions: · Keenan Robinson – If this list were 21 names long instead of 20, Keenan Robinson would be on it. He has great size and great movement for the ILB position, and always seems to be around the ball. He’s a…

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    20 Players in the bEast (Part 1)

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    The annual top 20 Players in the bEast list, as compiled by JosephR2225. Players were ranked according to a completely subjective, arbitrary and capricious standard based mostly on past performance with a soupcon of future expectations and some dart throwing. If you have any complaints about this product, they can be mailed to: KRAFT MAC…

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      bold adj.adjectiv Fearless and daring; courageous. Requiring or exhibiting courage or daring. Unduly forward and brazen; impudent. Strikingly different or unconventional; arresting or provocative   WEEK #1 I’m not going to lie to you fine people, I am phoning this week’s picks in. I know; it is week one, what can you expect going…

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    Post Preseason, Pre-Season Prediction Time

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    Okay, now that the Preseason games are behind us and just a few days left until the real festivities start, it’s time to get some update Prediction from you all. Below are the currently tracked Predictions, so check that out then fill out the form below to make some new predictions! Prediction Center of Doom…

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    Football is coming. bEast Links

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    Cowboys: Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Darren McFadden May Have Overtaken Joseph Randle As Starter Cowboys add QB Showers to practice squad, claim tackle Mills Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles Rumors and News: playing well in the preseason games, Tim Tebow wasn’t good enough, says Chip Kelly, QB was able express gratitude Report: Eagles Extend RG Andrew Gardner Redskins:…

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    Charlie The Unicorns Week #1 Picks

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    Welcome back to the Charlie The Unicorns Weekly Feature. As we all know… NFL Week 1 is FINALLY here. For the record, in 2014 the regular season I went 168-90 overall (straight-up)….. This is always the wackiest week to try to make picks for you trolls, but there are some games that should be close.…

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    NFL may hold combine in Australia, searching for next Jarryd Hayne

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    For the past four years, the NFL has steadily been adding new scouting combines to the league schedule, a strategy that could soon lead to a scouting combine in Australia. Mark Waller, the NFL’s international executive vice president, told the Sydney Morning Herald recently that he could envision the league holding a scouting combine in…

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