The Real BKOB Report – 2018 – Week 4 Edition

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    GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! That’s right – double your Tuesdays, double your pleasure, that’s what I always say.  BKOB Report Season is upon us! The most hap-happiest time of the year!! Feel free to hug your neighbor!! When we last left our intrepid…

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    NAV Got Banned For This MLB Talk

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    Full disclosure someone else should have probably wrote the NL version of this article. I have not followed baseball as closely this year as past years, especially the NL. Hell, even the AL knowledge isn’t the same as let’s say 2015. Also, I am starting this article on Sunday night with two games left to…

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    FUWS PRESENTS: 2018 NFC East All Beast Team

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    Well let’s see how much complaining I can get with this article QB : Alex Smith, Carson Wentz RB: Zeke , AP WR: OBJ, Alshon, Sterling Shepard TE:Ertz , Reed T:Lane ,Trent G: Martin , Brooks, Scherff C:Kelce , Looney Edge: DLaw , D.Barnett DL: Fletcher, Ionnadis DB :Jones, Norman, Darby LB: Jaylon, Hicks, Brown…

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    K1’s Week 4 NFCW Update

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    Standings: Rams 4-0 Seahawks: 2-2 49ers: 1-3 Cardinals: 0-4 Rams Update: The Los Angeles Rams hosted the Minnesota Vikings in one of the most entertaining Thursday Night games in the TNF franchise’s history. The game was an absolute shoot out between two strong offenses. At times it seemed that neither team’s defenses could come up…

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    Babaji’s Friday Antardrishti, So Bob Has Something To Read

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    ≤≥ This season began blanketed by the unnecessary stench of so many reactionary weirdos burning their Nike’s out of frustration about other people having free will. But the first 3 weeks have revealed the league’s strategy for winning the media coverage PR battle: high quality matchups, inspired performance, and lots of commercials with boobs in…

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    MAYNARD PRESENTS: Can Russell Carrington Wilson carry a team?

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    I decided to take my morning and arduously task to find out the above question. Just how much can Russell Wilson carry the team on his back when needed? I decided to compare 3 known Elite QBs and RW to find out how well they do when their defense gives up 25 or more points…

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    Nav Discusses Why He is On SKA

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    Recently Lisa asked me why I’m on SKA. She said I was a fake fan and should ” stick to baseball”. Presumably, that means sticking to baseball blogs? Well Lisa I’ll answer why I’m on SKA. First of all, I am on baseball blogs. The Athletic baseball section, and Athletics Nation to be exact. Yes…

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    NFC East Week 3 Thoughts and Standouts

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    By Joey Esquire Eagles – Welcome back, Carson It was a rebound week for the defense, a decent effort from the fourth-string RB, and the third goal-line stand to win a game in the Eagles last four home games, but obviously the story of this game was the return of Carson Wentz. There was some…

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