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    bold adj.adjectiv Fearless and daring; courageous. Requiring or exhibiting courage or daring. Unduly forward and brazen; impudent. Strikingly different or unconventional; arresting or provocative Wow. What a week to show you guys that literally anyone could do this article. I stuck my neck out and actually made game predictions (without any real analysis btw) and…

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    NFC East Breakfast Links – Cowboys at Packers

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    Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers (-6) 1:05pm EST Sunday FOX Dallas-Green Bay: 3 things Cowboys can do to beat the Packers, continue Super Bowl run Cowboys-Packers divisional playoffs preview: 12 things to know 3 Reasons the Packers Will Beat the Cowboys Cowboys vs. Packers: It’s Time For The NFL’s Leading Rusher To Dominate Philadelphia…

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    Charlie the Unicorns – Division Round Picks

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    NFL Postseason – Week #2 is here. I went 4-0 last week ….. yippee The wheat has been seperated from the shaft, the best of the best are left, to fight it out for the right to go to Phoenix, Arizona and SB XLIX! The top 5-6 teams in the league have survived the first week…

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    2014 NFC East All-Division Team – Final

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    NFC East All Division Team – 2014 Season THE bEAST TEAM Best players in the NFC East at each position for the 2014 league year. Offense QB – Tony Romo Want to erase reputation?  Blow through Rodgers, Seattle in Seattle, and either Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Andrew Luck to win it all. Honorable Mention…

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    MMQB: Game Recap and the Fine Fifteen

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    by Peter King Carolina 27, Arizona 16. There’s no crying in football. Coaches are fond of saying that nobody ever feels sorry for you, no matter how bad things get. But it’s hard to not feel some sympathy for the Cardinals, who once were 9-1, then played toothlessly once their starting quarterback and starting running…

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    NFC East Breakfast Links: Jones’ relationship with zebras pay off in major way!

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    Next Game: Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers – NFC Divisional Round Playoffs Sunday Jan 11th 1:05 PM Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys Advance With Win Over Detroit Lions Refs throw flag for pass interference, then retract call without explanation Is this the NFL ref czar on Cowboys’ party bus? Irate NFL execs say yes Dallas Cowboys…

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    As Dallas Cowboys Hit Stride, Tony Romo Pursues His Legacy

    800 527 Robert Moody IRVING, Tex. — At 34, Tony Romo stands at a crossroads of his career and his legacy. There is only one criterion by which to judge what he has accomplished as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl appearances. Appearances? Make that victories, which is what Cowboys fans in the 1990s began to view as…

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    Welcome to Wildcard Weekend: Sunday Edition. Bengals @ Colts (Comparison Chart unavailable,.. game in progress) Lions @ Cowboys We are going to be more lax with embedding images on game days this year. Moderators will allow it or not allow it based on high volume board activity and/or complaints. Thank you. BOLD PREDICTIONS Livefyre Username…

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