The Real BKOB Report: Special “WTF?!” Edition!

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    January 20th, 2015: The days continue to pass. Spring became summer. Fall dimmed into the winter’s cold light. Society continued to erode under the weight of Knowledgelessness. Three weeks had elapsed since there had even been a blip of information on the whereabouts of the mythical prophet. Occasionally a story would be heard – A…

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    NFCE Roundup via ESPN

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    Chip Kelly heads for Senior Bowl without GM in place By Phil Sheridan | PHILADELPHIA – The Eagles will travel to Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl without their top personnel executive in place. That is not ideal, but it’s really not the chief concern raised as the hiring process drags on for a third week. The…

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    ESPN: Wilson and Kearse never gave up on each other

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    By Terry Blount | SEATTLE — With less than three minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Seattle Seahawksquarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Jermaine Kearse were having the worst games of their careers. Wilson attempted five passes to Kearse, who caught none of them. The first four throws were intercepted by the Green Bay Packers, two of which deflected off Kearse’s…

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    Welcome to CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND. The matchups are as follows: Packers @ Seahawks Colts @ Patriots   We are going to be more lax with embedding images on game days this year. Moderators will allow it or not allow it based on high volume board activity and/or complaints. Thank you. BOLD PREDICTIONS Livefyre Username * Week…

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    bold adj.adjectiv Fearless and daring; courageous. Requiring or exhibiting courage or daring. Unduly forward and brazen; impudent. Strikingly different or unconventional; arresting or provocative Looking back at last week’s games, I was fairly on point with my game winner predictions; SEA and NE both showed well, while the DAL/GB game could have gone either way…

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    Charlie The Unicorns Picks for the AFCCG / NFCCG

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    NFL Postseason Week #3 is here. I went 3-1 last week ….. thanks you damn Broncos chokers…. 7-1 in postseason picks now. This weekend looks like 1 borderline blowout and 1 potentially close game… lets hope for 2 well played, officiated and close games with plenty of drama for all the right reasons (no PI,…

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    ESPN: Six potential replacements for Todd Bowles

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    By Josh Weinfuss | TEMPE, Ariz. — The New York Jets got what they wanted — Todd Bowles — and now it’s time for the Arizona Cardinals to look for his replacement at defensive coordinator. Bowles agreed to a four-year contract with the Jets on Tuesday night, giving Cardinals coach Bruce Arians an opportunity to make his first hire, aside from…

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    NFC East End of Year Review – Stats and Awards

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    SKA Power Rankings 1. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys were one controversial call away from the NFC Championship Game. 2. Philadelphia Eagles – Slipped down the stretch with Sanchez at QB. 3.  New York Giants – Fewell was the fall guy.  ODB saved Coughlin and Reese for one more year. 4.  Washington Redskins – Haslett was the fall guy.…

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