So, Is There An Incriminating Dez Bryant Video Or Not?

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    By Richie Whitt There hasn’t been this much buzz and mystery surrounding a DFW video since Abraham Zapruder turned his camera toward a President from the grassy knoll. Is there a Dez Bryant incriminating video? And, if so, what does it show him doing? Everyone from Mike Florio to Terez Owens to a blogger known…

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    MORNIN’ BIAS with MB3

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    Volume 1: First and 10 Hello my fellow SKAmericans, and also EDTGO. I kid ED, I kid. But seriously, do you have your green card available to show? Just for funsies. Welcome to the first edition of Mornin’ Bias with MB3, the one and only “St Louis” Rams fan on this entire blog, and thus,…

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    East Links

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    Redskins: Redskins parting ways with consultant A.J. Smith Defensive players who stood out at the NFL combine Marcus Mariota’s showing could help the Redskinss Mike Shanahan continues to blame everyone but himself for his failure with the Redskins Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Nick Foles Trade To Houston Texans, Rams, Cleveland Browns Options With Marcus Mariota…

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    1. Buccaneers: Jameis Winston QB Florida State This is the pick right now. Analyst all says he is the consensus #1 QB who can play NFL style offense from the Pocket. Off the field issues leave the door open for Mariota to possibly be the pick. Also might not be surprised of Lovie goes Defense and Drafts…

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    NFC East: Is the Wide Receiver Position Losing its Value?

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    From: NFC East: Is the Wide Receiver Position Losing its Value? February 22, 2015 by John Westenberger There has been a bit of a thought around the NFL about the real value of the wide receiver position since the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots biggest impact wide receiver was Julian Edelman who was originally…

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    Charlie The Unicorn : Lets Guess the Seahawk 1.0

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    Hello all. Here is the way too early mock draft for the Seattle Seahawks. Mock 1.0. There are several big time issues in front of the team. Will Lynch return at RB in 2015? How about Maxwell at CB? Should Seattle bring in a big time FA……. I’ll just assume Lynch stays, Max goes and…

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    RAS: The Ballad of DangerRuss

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    They said Russell was too short,..To quarterback in this great sport,..He said, “Not true,” in grand retort.   “I have what it takes,.. With roll out playaction fakes,.. To be an all time great!”   Then there came a time,.. For Russ to go and shine,.. At the Patriots goal line.   Its was second down and goal,.. In the Super…

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    Friday Links

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    It’s Friday. Cowboys: Ameer Abdullah, Jay Ajayi among running backs who have met with Dallas Cowboys Eagles: Inside Linebacker a Priority for Philadelphia Eagles Redskins: Redskins draft prospects: Dante Fowler Jr. Giants: NFL Draft: Potential Under-the-Radar Draft Prospects for the New York Giants

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