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The NFL Regular season has ended with probably the most depth at starting QB we have ever seen but none are more relevant than this season’s future MVP, Patrick “SHOWTIME” Mahomes. He is the new Messiah of football. He has revolutionized the position with his unorthodox throwing ability and knack for making a play no matter what the defense brings. For true appreciation do yourself a favor and rewatch each touchdown pass on what many are considering the greatest season for a QB of all time. So its no surpise that he makes the top of the list But the following rankings are every QB who has started a game this year.


  1. Patrick Mahomes – THE GOAT
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Phillip Rivers – Peyton Manning with down syndrome
  4. Russell Wilson – Will Smith of the NFL
  5. Andrew Luck – Mickey Mouse
  6. Jared Goff – Cankles for hands
  7. Matt Ryan – Nerd
  8. Desean Watson
  9. Tom Brady – Pervert
  10. Ben Roethlisberger – Rapist
  11. Kirk Cousins – Crook
  12. Aaron Rodgers – Declining
  13. Lamar Jackson – Pure of Heart
  14. Dak Prescott
  15. Baker Mayfield – Drunk Athiest
  16. Cam Newton
  17. Mike “Mitch” Trubisky
  18. Nick Foles – Napoleon Dynamite
  19. Carson Wentz – Ginger fag
  20. Jameis Winston -Skrong
  21. Matt Stafford
  22. Nick Mullens – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  23. Eli Manning
  24. Alex Smith – Boss
  25. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Magical
  26. Joe Flacco – Elite
  27. Andy Dalton – Ginger fag
  28. Derek Carr
  29. Marcus Mariota
  30. Ryan Tannehill
  31. Josh Allen
  32. Sam Darnold
  33. Case Keenum
  34. CJ Beathard
  35. Blake Bortles
  36. Brock Osweiler
  37. Jeff Driskel
  38. Jimmy Garoppolo – Womanizer
  39. Josh Rosen – Feminazi Jew
  40. Blaine Gabbert
  41. Redskins backups
  42. Sam Bradford


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