Silent Bob’s Second Annual Article Assignments

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    Yesterday was an exciting day. Not only did the Mariners move into the sole possession of the 2nd wild card spot, but we started tying up daily article assignments, just in time for the football season. We still have a couple open slots, so contact Keal for a list of full responsibilities and payment options. For more details on payment options, please click on donate in the top right corner.

    Monday – Currently available
    Tuesday – Reserved for The Real BKOB Report (BKOB)
    Wednesday – Playstation Now Update of the Week (FJY)
    Thursday – Double header. Unclear of what the content is yet, But Vegas has mornings, and Oliver has afternoons. Expect great things.
    Friday – I believe this is reserved for Nav to yell at us, and call us names (Nav)
    Saturday – Currently available, anyone want to do a NCAA update/game day?
    Sunday – Tailgate (Classic Keal)

    It is going to be an exciting year, so make sure you reserve your day early. Last year great events like Frednesday were born, what will become of this year? As a side note, I am whiling to supplement with a Mariners article from time to time, if someone calls in sick. Be safe football and Mariner’s fans!



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