SKA of Thrones, Part 3

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    We’re back for part 3 of SKA of Thrones with a whole new cast of characters. Sit back and enjoy the show.

    Aemon Targaryen

    Old man who likes to read and write and is very calm despite the people around him being insane.

    SKA Equivalent: Silent Bob

    Jeor Mormont

    Really old, but a big, strong warrior. Cares greatly about the realm, but mostly the North.

    SKA Equivalent: OleSagginSeahawk

    Jorah Mormont

    Nice enough guy and very knowledgeable about certain things, but always gets friendzoned.

    SKA Equivalent: Vegas

    Balon Greyjoy

    Well respected leader, but also stubborn in his beliefs which causes him to make irrational decisions that end up hurting his cause.

    SKA Equivalent: K1joyce

    Walder Frey

    Godless, shameless man who says whatever is on his mind without filter and has no line that he won’t cross to make his point.

    SKA Equivalent: Bader

    High Sparrow

    Mean old man that that acts based on his not so hidden agenda and says a lot of nonsensical things.

    SKA Equivalent: Toodlumtexas

    Thoros of Myr

    Rarely seen sober. Has genuinely good values, but ends up betraying those values for the booze.

    SKA Equivalent: SacSig

    Randyll Tarly

    This guys is completely full of himself, loves to hunt and talks down to people for simply disagreeing with him.

    SKA Equivalent: Munkey

    Podrick Payne

    Mild mannered, but fiercely loyal young man who doesn’t enjoy fighting. Good in the bedroom, though.

    SKA Equivalent: Oliver

    Arya Stark

    Tempermental and prone to irrational anger at the beginning of the series, but eventually goes through a transformation and learns to channel her anger more productively in recent seasons.

    SKA Equivalent: Nav

    Part 4 is next week. See you then!


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