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    Chicago Bears 

    Favorite Pick: Justin Fields – Great value for the 3rd best QB prospect.

    Least Favorite Pick:  Tevon Jenkins – Nice player but still many top CBs still on the board.

    Grade A : Getting a QB of the future out of no where has to make the team pretty happy.


    Detroit Lions

    Favorite Pick: Ifeatu Melifonwu – A guy i had projected as a mid 2nd rounder, they grabbed a starting CB in the 3rd very nice.

    Least favorite Pick: Alim McNeill- Good player but their WRs are embarrassing. Dyami Brown would have been nice right here.

    Grade A+ : Tremendous value across the board. One of the best drafts of the year.


    Minnesota Vikings

    Favorite Pick: Kellen Mond – Way to get a potential QB of the future for little cost. Hes got upside and experience and is a great fit to their offense.

    Least Favorite Pick: The rest of the 3rd round – CB was biggest need and took a bunch of high risk guys instead

    Grade B: Getting a Top Tackle and a QB prospect is great but their draft is reaching mostly on potential. A lot of picks but the backfire would be big.


    Green Bay Packers 

    Favorite pick: Eric Stokes – One of my favorite picks. Could have got Rondale Moore but chose to address the reason they lost in the playoffs first

    Least favorite pick: Josh Myers -Center isnt the most impactful position and it was a bit of a reach over Creed who i believe was the best center in the draft

    Grade C+ : Addressed their needs but still missing a real impact player for 2021.


    NFC South

    New Orleans Saints

    Favorite Pick Ian Book: A guy some thought would fall out of the draft they take in the 4th. Sweet Name and big heart. Maybe they think hes got some Drew Brees in him

    Least Favorite Pick: Payton Turner – They decide to reach on a risky player. Only to go Lber in the 2nd.

    Grade D : The Saints are a mess


    Atlanta Falcons 

    Favorite Pick : Jalen Mayfield- Fell cuz of his pro day. thats dumb. Hes a starting tackle

    Least Favorite pick: Richie Grant – Over Moehrig. Some teams try to be too cute

    Grade B: Kyle Pitts was considered to be the best player in the draft. But their defense will still be trash.


    Carolina Panthers

    Favorite Pick: Terrance Marshall – Really rounds out the weapons on offense.

    Least Favorite pick: Jaycee Horn – They grab the best CB but over Justin Fields? Darnold better turn it around

    Grade B- : With a lot of picks they were able to add a lot of depth to their team. But I just dont believe in Darnold over Fields. What a shame.


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Favorite Pick: Jaelon Darden – Nice deep threat who is hard to bring down.

    Least Favorite Pick: Kyle Trask – Waste of a pick and wasnt the best QB on the board. Silly shit

    Grade D+ : Pretty terrible draft. Not a lot of impact players for a team that could have spent the whole draft with luxury picks.



    New York Giants

    Favorite Pick: Azeez Ojulari – 1st round talent. Fills a big need rushing the passer.

    Least Favorite Pick: Kadarius Toney – Could be a nice weapon but not the biggest need.

    Grade B- : Absolutely no help once again was added to the oline. Saquan and Danny Dimes in shambles


    Dallas Cowboys 

    Favorite pick: Kelvin Joseph -Hes no Surtain or Horn but hes starter quality

    Least Favorite pick: Nashon Wright – Hate this pick over Melifonwu. coulda had 2 starting Cbs out of this.

    Grade B+: A defenseive draft. Seems people are forgetting they traded back and got Parsons. Best LBer and fills a big need. Still addressed CB in the 2nd.


    Philadephia Eagles

    Favorite pick: Devonta smith- Future GOAT. or so i thought. Eagles are a wr death sentence

    Least Favorite pick: Land Dick – good player but so much talent still on the board. Woulda have preferred Barmore here

    Grade B: Best part was stealing Devonta from their rival Giants.


    Washington Redskins

    Favorite Pick: Dyami Brown- Deep threat who can catch Fitzmagic bombs all season while they get blown out.

    Least Favorite Pick : Benjamin St Juste – Workout warrior with no experience

    Grade B- : Wasnt their fault they didnt address QB. They were just out of range for the right prospect. LBer and Tackle were there biggest need otherwise.



    Seattle Seahawks

    Favorite pick : Stone Forsythe – Everyone loves how big this dude is

    Least favorite pick : Dwayne Eskridge -is basically a kick returner with deep threat promise

    Grade C: Little to work with and reached with their highest pick when that line is what RW has been crying about all offseason.


    Arizona Cardinals 

    Favorite Pick – Rondale Moore – A guy shorter than Kyler but can leap out of the building. I hope he can see him down field.

    Least Favorite pick – Marco Wilson – if you have to hate one this is it.

    Grade B : Corner just never came their way but their big brian urlacher type lber should have an immediate impact.


    Los Angeles Rams

    Favorite pick Earnest Jones – Brings immediate help to the run defense

    Least favorite pick: Tutu Atwell – For the record k1 doesnt care what you think but this guy is the size of an 8th grader and the rams chose an outlier over guys like Terrance marshall was a real headscratcher and seems like a guaranteed bust.

    Grade D: Rams chose to take 3 wrs tho its not their biggest need and the oline was completely ignored. And two guys named Earnest. WTF.


    San Francisco 49ers

    Favorite Pick – Trey lance – Ranked by SKA as the best QB in the draft but it came at a high cost.

    Least favorite pick Aaron Banks – Dont fall in love with fat. Fat reach considering who was all still on the board.

    Grade A : 3 firsts and a third for a RB is a big cost but it could pay off. they Add some later round RB talent too but the Niners seem to be forgetting what their real bread and butter is and that is the defensive.



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