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    This isn’t something that I normally do – but I am here to eat my crow. And to say goodbye.

    I’ll start with this. After Keal posts this article for me I will be leaving SKA until next season. At least. SKA does not make me happy. It is not a fun place. And you are all fucking pricks.


    I will not lie to you. Scoring 3 points in the Super Bowl broke me. I was so mad at McVay. So mad at Goff. I had trouble sleeping for weeks after the loss. I even considered dropping out of school (I am pursuing my fifth history degree). I would not wish that kind of loss on anyone, even you assholes. Halos, k1, Yoshi, RyanFoster, forgererer and I experienced more pain after that game than most people endure in their entire lives.

    But the offseason was filled with hope. Goff may have struggled in the playoffs but he couldn’t actually be a bad quarterback. He started last season in the running for MVP, we still had a stacked roster, AND we picked up Weddle and Matthews!

    When Bader told me that, in his last 12 games, Goff had only 12 touchdowns, but 14 interceptions and 5 fumbles lost, I thought he was just trolling me. He is such a fucking troll, he had to have been. But he wasn’t.

    In his last 12 games, Goff really does have a 1:1.58 TD to turnover ratio. I’m not a math guy, I’m a history guy. But I’m also a football guy and I know that isn’t good. Plus, in that span, with all of the talent in the world on his roster, the Rams’ record is just 7-5. What? With McVay, Gurley, all of those wide receivers, and that defense??

    Let’s talk about last night. Last night was fucking bullshit. The game changing BULLSHIT call on Matthews was the deciding factor in this game. That was not a penalty… the Oompa Loompa was WAY THE FUCK OUTSIDE THE POCKET AND COULD HAVE RUN. Not even close to being a foul. COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Fuck the refs… that was the difference. And most of all… FUCK KICKERS.

    I see us losing at least 6 more games on the way to a now typical post Super Bowl lost season if you’re not named the Patriots.

    I look at them play on both sides of the ball and all I see is weakness and a team clutching to wins of yesteryear.

    I see a team with no heart and as a typical Rams fan I do not trust their ability to recover. Maybe they will surprise me, but I’ve said that a lot with the Rams over my 48 years.

    This offense is boring to watch as a fan of being balanced. This defense is as soft and old as I predicted before the season. Way too much weakness for this team to have a winning season and we are one injury away from being Fisherball.

    Goff isn’t the answer. To my fellow Rams fans, I’m sorry, but we will not win a Super Bowl with him at quarterback. I don’t know if we try starting Bortles, or trading for Rosen, or Mullens, but something has to change. If we can dump Goff’s massive contract to a team trying to tank that would probably be the best case scenario.

    Nonetheless I will not be here at SKA to see it. Not this season.

    I wish nothing but the worst for you all.

    Sincerely yours,




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