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    I may have angered some of the faithful with my thoughts on Jimmy G. In reality I want him to play well in 2019, I’m not the biggest believer in him that does not mean my opinion can’t be changed. I once hated Jed Lowrie then he had two back to back great seasons, now he is my boy. It is that simple. Just stay on the field and show progress Jimmy. I probably went too far on Saturday with my borderline trolling. I don’t hate Jimmy, nor the faithful that defends him. In good news some of the scrubs are being exposed. The 49ers defense is going to look different in 2019. Go 49ers.

    Time for some quick thoughts around the NFL. Last Monday Aaron Rodgers showed he is still an amazing QB. That boy can break the heart of your fanbase and then go home to Danica Patrick. At least he aint boys with that doucehbag Ryan Braun anymore. Though the Packers defense is hot garbage. Patrick Mahomes is a real life video game, Andy Reid using that dude to destroy NFL defenses. Reid is laughing all the way to the nearest KC BBQ joint. I’m hoping Mahomes does not fall in love with the press clippings, and continues to get better. I’ve always liked that prick Patrick Rivers, good to see the Chargers be 5-2 without their defensive star. Although, Melvin Ingram is pretty damn good himself. The Seahawks are in a rebuild year and probably going to finish around 8-8. Russel Wilson is durable and good. The Rams are a juggernaut. In the words of OSS OFFS. Sean Mcvay is a young coach that is a bright man. Jared Goff is a capable QB although not elite. Imagine a young Alex Smith with competent offensive coaches and that describes Goff?? Todd Gurley is a mother fuckin beast though. Sorry Keal BBC aint working, he is a worse version of Tomsula.

    Red Sox in 6. Again no one cares what I think , but I was wrong about the Red Sox. I had them losing to the Yankees, LOL. Their outfield defense is amazing. They basically have three CF’S. It was nice to see David Price finally pitch well in a big game, he shoved it down the Astros throats. The Red Sox bullpen still leaves a lot to be desired, but overall they are better than the Dodgers probably. If the Dodgers do win I hope it’s because Kershaw goes full beast mode. No one is ever going to reach Bumgardner in 2014 status, but maybe he can be like Randy Johnson in 01? In other news Manny Machado is disgusting and a prick. Fuck Manny Machado. A small part of me actually hopes he signs with the Yankees in the off- season lets get the full blown evil empire back. Then lets watch that evil empire not win the AL East, because the Rays win the division. Then lets see that evil empire lose in the WC game. Yes 18 days later and I’m still bitter. Oh in this case Boston tries to respond to the Yankees move, and miss the playoffs all together.

    Quickly shout out to my Bob. This has a been tough week for him with the passing of his older brother. Remember Bob, he was lucky to have you as a brother. You are a great man that is a saving grace in this blog full of blown lunatics. You pick is up when we are down, and mostly say the right thing. We need to work on that Mariners delusion though JK. Be safe SKA. Bob does not want it any other way.



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