The Greatest Fan of the Greatest Team; Shoeless Mariners

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    Wow. How about those Mariners?

    Some of you know that I am a pretty big baseball fan. Nav likes to call me the Great Bambino of baseball knowledge. To be honest, it’s always been this way. I have always been a huge baseball guy. If you asked me, I could name every single BAT BOY on all 30ish MLB teams. In fact I’ll do it right now. Boom. Just said them all out loud and recorded it for evidence. Will send you a VHS for FREE just pay $13k USD shipping and handling.

    There are some bandwagon fans out there who only pretend to like baseball when their local team is doing well (looking at you OSS). I get it. Things are starting to look up and so you want to get in on the action. Makes sense. I would do it too. It’s a great time to jump on the wagon, long-time fans like me won’t judge. We’d actually be really excited. Like watching Mariners great Ichrion Toyota hit an inside the park home score.

    Now I’d like to pretend that everyone will accept the facts and acknowledge me as the greatest b-ball guy in the history of the sport, but the harsh reality is there are a lot of people on this site that are completely delusional. I won’t bother spending anymore time on these people…. Nav.

    I will say that there is no I in team, and all 53 guys on the M’s roster know this and it’s helped them win a bunch of games this year. Even the experts realize how great they are and are predicting a bye with home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

    Good luck to the other teams, but this is the year of the Mariners. Not to be harsh but those other guys will end up in a wheel chair with a bad case of Lou Pinella’s disease(named after the Yankee great). We are going to bring home the America’s Cup this August!!! GO M’S!!!!!!!!!!!!



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