The Kill Yourself List

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    Name – Why You Should Kill Yourself

    Mike From Arizona – Fat, Stupid, Child Murderer
    ReTodd – Alcoholic, Terrible Father
    McCucken – Alcoholic, Terrible Father
    Gubby – Tranny Sympathizer
    OSS – Cranky, Senile, Libtard
    Lisa – Lacks Intelligence, Raised A Killer
    Keal – Alcoholic, Betrayer
    Beaster – Retarded Spammer, Eagles Fan
    Scotti – Aspergers, Walmart Employee
    Zippy – Aspergers, Libtard
    K1 – Fat, Cankles
    BKOB – BKOB Report
    Oliver – Oliver
    Toodlum – Libtard, Abuses Captain Privileges
    Halos – Femur Memes
    4905 – Golden State Killer
    Vegas – Those Teeth

    *If you are not listed, I forgot about you or hope you have a long, prosperous life. God bless.



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