The Painful Truth and Detriment of Fake Knowledge

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    Somewhere along the PCT a SKA user found themselves with tremendously too much time on their hands. Living off of dung beetles and excrement warped the once thought to be knowledgeable thinking of BKOB, one can only imagine the horrors he faced travelling with companions of such like-minded hippyness. He returned to us a changed man, no longer the laid back cool guy who would produce articles of tables and knowledge but rather one so entwined in keeping from others the truth. It’s a simple truth really void of all understanding from a fan base who calls themselves 12’s (Stolen from the Texas A&M 12th man) that the Seahawks window is simply closed.

    This writer does not deny that the tables supplied in the weekly article submitted each Tuesday is indeed statistical fact but rather the commentary associated with it and the narrative it attempts to drive each week depending on the result of the games prior. Avoiding anything negative about one team and pointing out all flaws of every other team brings to light the tragedy that was bestowed upon BKOB as he adventured out into the wild.

    The article has another underlying issue in that it is driven by support from the same fan base it attempts to trick or fool each week. The 12’s eat up its false godliness like knowledge as if it were indeed fact. This creates a rip tide of back and forth between writer and readers, each time causing a ripple effect of false information and what could be the inevitable doom of SKA. We implore BKOTRUMP to stop this insanity of splitting our once great BLOG and do what is right for the people.

    SKA Readers.

    P.S Bob wrote this.

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