The Real BKOB Report – Week 16 Edition

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    Welcome, one and all, to the final BKOB Report of the calendar year 2017! Hard to believe, isn’t it? I hope you all had a Golden Boner worthy-Christmas, filled with Tables, and Knowledge, and Charts, and Joy. I know I sure did!!

    It’s always fun when you can get together with friends and family, and watch the Cowboys get eliminated from Playoff Contention. 2018 is already off to a fantastic start!! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Now let’s get to the… STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NFCW Quarterbacks (Ranked by Passer Rating)
    J Goff – 296/477 (62.1%) 3,804 yds, 8.0 ypa, 28td, 7 int, 100.5 rtg
    J Garoppolo – 100/145 (69.0%) 1,268 yds, 8.7 ypa, 5 td, 3 int, 98.9 rtg
    R Wilson – 321/524 (61.3%) 3,762 yds, 7.2 ypa, 32 td, 11 int, 94.7 rtg
    D Stanton – 64/125 (51.2%) 749 yds, 6.0 ypa, 5 td, 4 int, 69.7 rtg

    NFCW Rushers (Ranked by Rushing Yards)
    T Gurley – 279 att, 1,305 yds, 4.7 ypc, 13 td, 5 fum
    C Hyde – 225 att, 850 yds, 3.8 ypc, 6 td, 1 fum
    R Wilson – 90 att, 550 yds, 6.1 ypc, 3 td, 5 fum
    K Williams – 97 att, 351 yds, 3.6 ypc, 1 td, 0 fum

    What’s Changed?
    First of all, I’d like to congratulate the Interim-NFCW Champions, the Los Angeles Rams. You won’t get away with this!! 2018 will be your year of reckoning! Knowledge will come home to roost, and you’ll pay for injuring Mike’s favorite QB. It’s YOUR fault that Palmer will never win anything, and Karma will HUNT YOU DOWN like the animals you are!!

    Elsewhere in the Division, the “nowhere-to-go-but-up” team has finally started to show signs of life. It almost makes you pity them even more. With Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, the 49ers have reached the 5-win mark, and their fans couldn’t be more pleased.

    This is not the first time the 49ers have felt a rebirth of joy and excitement from seeing a young backup QB seize his opportunity and become a star. Let’s see how Jimmy’s first 4 starts compare to another 49er Legend, a man who has been described as the best Quarterback ever, Colin Kaepernick.

    Through 4 Starts:
    J Garoppolo – 100/145 (69.0%) 1,268 yds, 8.7 ypa, 5 td, 3 int, 98.9 rtg (4-0 record)
    C Kaepernick* – 71/103 (68.9%) 867 yds, 8.4 ypa, 3 tds, 1 int, 100.3 rtg (3-1 record)
    * – 174 rushing yards, 2 rushing tds

    Not too shabby. It’s pretty much a wash except for attempts and yards. I’ll give Colin extra credit because he had to deal with the pressure of playing in meaningful games, where the outcomes had actual consequences on the League. Maybe some day Garoppolo will help bring the 49ers out of perpetual Garbage-Time and become the next Kaepernick. Time will tell.

    My Analysis
    The Seahawks won yet another game in impressive fashion. This is becoming old hat for Seahawks fans. They’re on the cusp of reaching Double-Digit Victories for the sixth year in a row, and they’re potentially just five wins away from hoisting another Lombardi Trophy. That’s not such an unrealistic expectation for Seattle fans. During that same six year span, the Seahawks have 4 winning streaks of 5+ games. With Russell Carrington Wilson leading the way, it’s not hard to imagine them doing it again. In fact, I’m imagining it right now.

    Mmmm… It’s nice.

    Go Panthers.

    And now, how about your feedback? I usually check the Comments Section once a day to see how the Knowledge Seekers are doing. Feel free to say Hi!

    Thank you, and always remember: Kill… Danny… O’neil…………………..



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