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    In 2016, a malicious clown wanted to seize power in the free world. His desire for power had a few obstacles that had to be eliminated or neutralized. The clown had a penchant for partying and his narcissistic ego thrived on praise and adulation.

    Enter one Stormy Daniels, porn star, stripper, and love interest of a part time photographer we’ll call DHC. DHC possessed film footage of the clown enjoying his favorite activity, receiving a golden shower from Stormy while dining on a quarter pounder and Diet Coke.

    In order to eliminate this problem, the clown contacted evil genius and professional denier Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions hired Internet Assasin MFA to come up with a plan and execute it with extreme prejudice, which was ironic, because DHC was the most extremely prejudiced member of an elite group we’ll call SKA.

    With the aid of an unknown party, possibly Vegas, MFA endeavored to destroy DHCs liver by injecting his system with yellow food dye. There is documented proof this resulted in yellow semen and eventually death.

    With the problem elimnated, the clown went on to destroy the free world and shut down the US government.



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