Trivia: Round 2

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    Congratulations to Vegas on the lone perfect score in the last round of trivia. The answers for each picture were:

    0 touchdowns for Peyton Manning

    Score: 23-10 Steelers

    City: Fresno, California

    Person: KJ Apa

    Baseball logo: Erie Seawolves

    If you reverse googled the images, I commend you for your cleverness, but I am sorry to say that from this point on in the competition, that is going to be impossible. The bar has been raised.

    With all that said, round two is here. Please answer the following questions

    1. What city is this stadium in? 2. What sport is played in this stadium? 3. What team plays home games at this stadium? (3 points)

    What city is this?

    1. Who were the two starting quarterbacks in this game?
    2. Which team won? (3 points)

    What kind of meat is this?


    You have until 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 12th to answer these questions. Post them in the comments or email them to Good luck!


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