Underwhelming yet dramatic MOD shakeup 2021

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    Hello it’s time to shuffle the deck chairs on this loser cruiser. I originally planned on replacing all mods with new mods, however in the spirit of creating even more drama on why some kept their tags while others did not,.. I present the new moderators on SKA for QTR 4 of 2021:

    NFCW West

    4905: He stays he is my rock. If he dies at some point (which could happen because he is hella old) I will replace him.

    • Cknuckles: He stays because it will make Bader agitated. However, other than his obvious beef with Bader, he is an exemplary mod.

    • Vegas: He stays because I kinda would feel bad taking it away from him like his “girlfriend” took his minivan so many years ago.

    • Lisa: YOU DID IT GIRL!!!!

    • Ian: You owe me $200

    • Bader: Don’t fuck this up. It’s your time to shine. Stop impersonating your sister in arms. Find balance. Lead by example… all that bullshit.

    AFCN North

    This shit is staying the same because who cares, oh but also I added Stallion because LOL.

    Good talk guys.



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