Vegas Presents: Little Man Beaster Part 1

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    Hello everyone, I present to you my second roast article. It should be stated that this will be a multi-part series, as there is too much to cover in one article. I want to give a shoutout to Keal for giving me my moderator powers back. This article wouldn’t be possible without him. Don’t forget to hit recommend if you enjoy. Sorry for the length, but it is necessary.

    Beaster, beaster, beaster, I didn’t want to do this, but you forced my hand. There’s a lot of talk from you about the “man” you are. You’re a noble, straight-shooter who is respected by everyone you come across. You mean what you say and you say what you mean. A man of your word. You’re a poker player so you can judge someone else’s character. You’re a good man surrounded by losers on SKA. These are your own posts and views. But don’t take my word for it, here’s some examples:

    You have respect no matter what room you’re in! Unless, of course, you’re logged into SKA.

    He’s a coward slayer. Don’t be talking shit to other people or Beaster is going to call you out on it. He’s also too smart to become a loser like you people.

    He even sticks up for poor Lisa (Lisa, you my homegirl) who gets attacked by Bader, Tribe, and a bunch of others.

    Tribe, you piece of shit. How dare you. I, Beaster, would never say mean things to Lisa, being the respectful, straight-shooting, lady’s man that I am! Unless, of course, Lisa disagrees with one of my retarded arguments that I spew out every day.

    What kind of respectful, coward-slaying, straight-shooting, noble, high-charactered man says that kind of shit? There isn’t one. These are traits of a hypocritical, miserable “holier than thou” coward, who throws insults when in an argument on the internet in an attempt to belittle and intimidate another person. Beaster suffers from little-man syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a definition from Google, “This is particularly common in men who gain a lot of confidence and status from physicality and who often gain pleasure from being able to feel physically imposing.” He puffs out his chest and puts you down so that he can feel superior.

    As you said, Beaster, “you should look in the mirror when you hide behind a keyboard and talk shit to people or do it to their face and get smacked like the bitch you are.”



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