Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Week:

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    Draft weekend is upon us. Mean while I have been filling up the blog with Mariners, capture the flag, and cake updates. I am sorry. Bad timing, but I made a promise to Vegas that I would start doing daily and weekly Mariners updates, and I have been stressed out trying to orchestrate a massive capture the flag event for the grand son. There have been some complaints, but as always great advice was given and I assume at this point the event will be a smashing success. Many thanks to you ‘all.

    My Mariner updates have been lacking this week, and I am sorry Vegas. The Mariners are 14-10 so far on the season though (as of Friday morning), which is good for 3rd place currently in the AL West. Just 2 games back from the Astros, and 1.5 games back from the Angels.

    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Day – 4/23/2018
    The Mariners failed to sweep the Rangers yesterday, but still won the series 2-1. The Mariners have only lost one series all year, which unfortunately came against a 4 game series against the defending champions before the weekend. Saturday’s game was rain delayed about an hour and a half. This lead to me staying up too late. I think I have decided to no longer stay up late to watch Mariners games. I will just check out the recap the next day. That being said, we have a Friday night game coming up on May the 4th that I need to go to. It will be a Star Wars theme night, and will be giving out Star Wars Kyle Seager bobble heads.

    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Day – 4/24/2018
    I was a bit distracted yesterday, and was late tuning into the Mariners game. They started a series against the White Sox. By the time I turned on the game, the Mariners were down 8-0. I have no clue how they got there though. Instead of watching their epic come back, I decided to take the grand kids on a walk, as the day was ridiculously nice for an April Washington day. Apparently the Mariners did not pull off an epic come back, as they ended up losing 10-4. Haniger did extend his home run streak with another last night though, and Mike Zunino added one as well.

    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Day – 4/25/2018
    The Mariners won against the White Sox yesterday, 1-0. Unfortunately I missed all the action, as I did not pay attention to the fact that it was an early game. Looking at the box score, Gonzales pitched a very good game. Pitching 6 innings, only 5 hits and no runs while striking out 8. Probably to no surprise of any Mariner fan, the game winning run was the work of our two favorite players. A double from Kyle Seager was followed with a RBI single from Haniger. It was all the offense we needed to pull off game 2 of the series.

    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Day – 4/26/2018
    I do not think I am going to get to the Mariners update today, sorry. They did win though, and I tried to update as the game went on yesterday.

    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Day – 4/27/2018
    I admit I have not payed close attention to the Indians this year. But going into this series I was worried. Looking at their starting pitchers, and our starting pitchers did not look good on paper. Fortunately for the Mariners, our bats out batted (is that a word) the Indians. 10 hits, 5 runs (4 earned by Clevinger) helped propel the Mariners to win 5-4 in game one. Paxton pitched a really good game, only giving up 5 hits unfortunately one of which was a two run home run. 10 strike outs though. Pitching match ups do not really get any better on paper, let’s all hope the Mariner’s bats are up to the test for 3 more against the Indians.




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