Zorstique’s Non-Mariners Update

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    We really needed a new article. I was going to write an article about how the Mariners have not lost since the All Star Break. About how they fought back to another Opening Day, and how Jean Segura saved the day last night. Then I remembered that I promised I would try not to bore everyone this year with too much baseball.

    I have a Mariners.txt that sits on my desktop. I throw notes in it to use for future Mariners articles. There are a few random non-Mariners notes that I will share instead.

    – Keal needs to update the pics on the front page: They still depict Foles as an Eagle, and Kaepernick as an NFL player – BKOB
    – #f7f7f7 – Pineapple’s off white
    – Keal = MacHead
    – GG NO RE = Good Game no Rematch
    – Some random picture of BKOB learning how to make fire before his trip:

    Someone once said you don’t grip a baseball,
    but baseball grips you.
    It fills our days,
    And brightens our nights.
    In the course of the season,
    And the span of a life time.
    We share hope, drama, and joy.
    It brings us all closer together,
    Nine innings at a time.
    It’s the game we live,
    It’s the game we love.
    Welcome back baseball,
    Welcome back.
    – Dave Niehaus

    “Keep fighting, because we’re all rooting for you.”
    – Ken Griffey Jr, August 6th, 2016

    The last two are slightly baseball related. Sorry.



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