A Farewell from Justin

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    -Liberals are ruining our country, especially the ones on the spectrum, like dong and aoc.
    -Trump is the best President we have had in decades. Beenthere knows it.
    -Shaq is a Cowboys Fan. Shaq is the best.
    -Squatch and PoP don’t put food on the table for their families.
    -Fivers, Justin, Mosley, Monz, Bill, and somewhat Cloister, are the only real Americans on this site.
    -The rest of you are petty cunts. Splooz likes to say he’s in the middle, but he also sucks his own dick.
    -HBG is a cunt.
    -Going to miss your humor Joey even though you’re a homer.
    -The Cowboys are the most talented team in the league, suck my dick if you disagree. Keep up the good fight LDD.
    -Eagles fans will turn on Djax by week 8.
    -CW seriously said he would not trade Agholor and a late pick for Jalen Ramsey, that really happened.
    -Tire is retarded, Lupo is quite possibly a faggot.
    -I think when squatch talks about burnt meat it’s just a euphemism for lynching.
    -Badger’s a bitch. Apologies lupo, I may have the wrong person pegged as a faggot. No pun intended.
    -Trump wins 2020  by a landslide
    -Someone will probably create a new Justin before the season starts.
    -Please do me a favor everyone and honor me by making sure at least one fight per day is started here.
    -Anyone who’s not a pussy feel free to friend me on IG. (so far only one of you.)
    I bid you farewell my niggas


    Sir Squatch

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