BKOB Presents: Earl Thomas Gifs

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AFC North Early Camp Stuff

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NFL Stuff’s happening. Not a lot of stuff, but stuff nonetheless.  The Ravens’ rookies and QB Lamar Jackson have reported to training camp.  The rest of the team and NFL should follow suit this weekend, as camps will be fully open, with the annual Hall of Fame “game” set to be played in a little…

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ChatGPT Presents: The Top 12 Seahawks Part 2 RECAP

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**TL;DR Recap: BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 2)** BKOB presents a nostalgic and humorous look at the top 12 Seahawks players of all time **Part 2 Recap:** – **Earl Thomas**: Dynamic safety known for his intensity and key role in the Legion of Boom era. – **Richard Sherman**: Shutdown cornerback, integral to…

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Prelude to the Preview

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Hey all. After my hiatus the last few months, I’m fully back.  Between sick cats and sicker people, it’s been a rough go away from here, so it’s good to be back, even if it’s just to chat about American football and football-related activities, let alone collectively witness the downfall of our Great Society. It’s…

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BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 2) THE REHAWKENING!!

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers. Every single day my loyal fans on SpikedKoolAid.com are BEGGING me to post a new article. Even the AI-Generated Recaps of my articles are breaking SKA records for comment count – with Clamor Levels reaching an all-time high. It sort of makes me want to dust of the old Boner and give…

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AFC North Chat Board #3

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Because the last one broke way too soon.

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BKOB Presents – How to Circumvent SKA

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When the message boards are too cluttered and comments stop working, do this: (Note: Screenshots are from mobile site, but it will work on a PC as well) 1) Go to Disqus.com and navigate to your profile 2) From your profile, look for “Discussion on SpikedKoolAid.com” and click on it (NOT the article’s title) 3)…

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AFC North Chat Board – 6/4/24

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Just another chat board for AFC North fans.  Feel free to use it as such, or for whatever purposes you deem fit.

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