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I cant watch a Filipino telenovela.. cause wtf is this?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜© β€” your name is not Moon, ohkaEyyh (@sagiterrorist8) July 11, 2023 — ShitpostGateway (@ShitpostGate) July 12, 2023 I stand with Trump, he's the only one standing between us and these tyrants, who's with me — Chicago1Ray πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@Chicago1Ray) July 11, 2023…

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LISA PRESENTS: Trump 2024 – The Implosion of the Main Stream media,.. and Mike

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Ever since Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower, and announced he was running for President, you had the liberal elitist, climate change pushing, reality deniers out there wailing at the thought. Their erratic feelings came to the surface, to the sheer comedy of the rest of us intelligent folk. Their life’s pursuit of…

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Still More AFC North Links

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Hey Keal, can you change our banner?Β  Baker Mayfield’s old, shitty news in the AFCN these days.Β  I’m getting requests for hot cheerleader pics, but barring that, some sort of current AFCN player will do. Meanwhile, here’s AFC North news and stuff.Β  I’ll be back to writing about football and football-related topics as soon as…

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Unknown Author: The man the myth the legend

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In the heart of East Mesa, Arizona, there resided a remarkable individual named mike b an ex-Navy SEAL with an extraordinary journey. After bravely serving in the conflict in Granada, mike found himself transitioning to civilian life and began working at an answering service. Little did he know that his unique set of skills would…

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More AFC North Links

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Here’s some links that say things about football.   Minicamp Notes: Rock Ya-Sin Carries the Marcus Peters Torch

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MFA PRESENTS: Q&A with Mr. Stelter!

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Listen up krunks! Me and Stelter are going to be doing a weekly Q and A! Pay attention and learn something! Mr. Stelter: Good morning everyone Me: Hello Mr. Stelter, did you see the basketball game last night? Mr Stelter: Yes Michael, very entertaining same. I was impressed by the young men truly giving it…

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AFC North Links

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The latest pre-camp, post-voluntary OTA stuff:   Browns’ Addition of Former 2nd-Rounder Top Steal of NFL Offseason  

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Another NFC West Board

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Go nuts.Β  Do things.

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