Seattle Seahawks

ChatGPT Presents: The Top 12 Seahawks Part 2 RECAP

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**TL;DR Recap: BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 2)** BKOB presents a nostalgic and humorous look at the top 12 Seahawks players of all time **Part 2 Recap:** – **Earl Thomas**: Dynamic safety known for his intensity and key role in the Legion of Boom era. – **Richard Sherman**: Shutdown cornerback, integral to…

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BKOB Presents – How to Circumvent SKA

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When the message boards are too cluttered and comments stop working, do this: (Note: Screenshots are from mobile site, but it will work on a PC as well) 1) Go to and navigate to your profile 2) From your profile, look for “Discussion on” and click on it (NOT the article’s title) 3)…

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Another NFCW Chat Board

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Have at it.  Take chances.  Do things.  Again.

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NFCW Board

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Stuff.  Things.  Junk.

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Temporary NFCW Chat Board

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Go nuts.

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