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WARVETTE PRESENTS: I assume Bob still reads these?

370 371 chriskeal

Now that the season’s over, and we know the Patriots win, here’s a little blurb about each team’s future. nfcs NOrlins: Hopefully Stains fans can now go back to wearing paper bags on their heads like they did all through our childhood. Most of us were adults before we found out how ugly Louisiana people really are. FAILCLOWNS:…

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656 369 BLONKERS

The NFL Regular season has ended with probably the most depth at starting QB we have ever seen but none are more relevant than this season’s future MVP, Patrick “SHOWTIME” Mahomes. He is the new Messiah of football. He has revolutionized the position with his unorthodox throwing ability and knack for making a play no…

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K1’s 2018 Team Preview Series: Green Bay Packers

1024 739 chriskeal

After reaching the NFC Championship Game in the previous season, the Packers failed to improve upon a 10–6 record from 2016 and were eliminated from postseason contention after Week 15. This marked the first time since 2008 that they failed to make the playoffs. After a 4-1 start, the Packers lost starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers…

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Vikings Will Choke As Usual

607 371 BKOB

Let’s show some support for a Blog Legend, and remember that NO MATTER WHAT The Vikings Will Choke As Usual!!!! View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on…

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Callabos Presents: YOU JACKASSES

960 640 chriskeal

Let me get this straight. You just had to keep a website operational and you degenerates couldn’t even do that? No no, this isn’t derision. This isn’t crassness. The NFCN represents a lot of things but most of all ineptness. Rodgers has been at the bottom of the Brady friend list for years. Cutler had…

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MHB: Kneel Before The Greatness Of Aaron Godgers, Scum

900 507 BKOB

Fighting Through Criticism We’ve all heard what the critics are constantly saying about Aaron: “This dude always has poontang on his mind and not the playbook.” “Maybe if he stopped fucking hot bitches for 5 seconds, he’d have more than 1 Super Bowl.” Blah, blah, whatever, Skip Bayless.  His constant and unrelenting heterosexual sexploits are…

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NAV PRESENTS: Fuck You Pineapple

1024 576 chriskeal

Pineapple thinks he is a stud. Pineapple thinks he is an expert on everything. Lets give him a reality check. In January, SKA needs to send out missing photo’s of Pineapple. The Packers have lost another playoff game, and Pineapple is MIA. Where can he be? Did Pineapple suddenly remember to get productive at his…

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1024 682 chriskeal

DISCLAIMER: Not the city Vegas,.. the creep who hangs out on here. [divider] I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but after seeing Charlie’s and Oliver’s garbage picks, its time for a change. I’m 48-0 on the season picking. Proof?.. FUCK your proof. Dolphins at Bengals Dolphins suck ass. The end. Bengals. 22-7 Colts at…

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Charlie The Unicorns Picks for the AFCCG / NFCCG

835 425 Charlie the Unicorn

NFL Postseason Week #3 is here. I went 3-1 last week ….. thanks you damn Broncos chokers…. 7-1 in postseason picks now. This weekend looks like 1 borderline blowout and 1 potentially close game… lets hope for 2 well played, officiated and close games with plenty of drama for all the right reasons (no PI,…

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Tim Cowlishaw’s prediction: Why Cowboys will beat the Packers | Dallas Morning News

1024 576 Robert Moody

Tim Cowlishaw’s prediction: Why Cowboys will beat the Packers | Dallas Morning News. GREEN BAY, Wis — No one gets revenge 47 years later. So there’s more to this than simply avenging an Ice Bowl defeat the week that Jethro Pugh, victimized by Lombardi’s Packers on that fateful day, passes away. Then again it’s not…

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