NAV PRESENTS: Fuck You Pineapple

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Pineapple thinks he is a stud. Pineapple thinks he is an expert on everything. Lets give him a reality check.

In January, SKA needs to send out missing photo’s of Pineapple. The Packers have lost another playoff game, and Pineapple is MIA. Where can he be? Did Pineapple suddenly remember to get productive at his job? Did he join the witness protection program? I think he goes on the same work schedule as Griz. They are both impossible to find.

Pineapple looks for a drink on that dark and cold January night. His favorite drink is Vodka, but tonight he will settle for Rum. Because for the next three months Pineapple will become a bum. You want to puff your chest out, when the going is good. However, when something goes wrong Pineapple becomes a bigger coward than Vegas. Fuck all Packers fans, that includes you Brew.

I’m a miserable fuck, and in January so are Packers fans. Wandering around with no direction in life. At least they do better in the playoffs than the A’s, but Ted Thompson has wasted Aaron Rodgers prime. Nickle and diming like a cheap Jew or the Rams. Cheers to another season where the Packers defense cant stop a nose bleed, they going to get raped.



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