It is the goal of the owners and contributing staff of SKA for this website to serve as a place for NFC fans (and the NFL at large) to debate, associate, and fraternize free of onerous and silly posting restrictions governed by humorless robot moderators.
In other words, SKA’s mission is to let your secret, creepy, and socially unacceptable behavior shine bright like a diamond.
However, since there are always those out there who should “probably be reported to the FBI”, we unfortunately have to outline some extremely basic rules for all members of this website.

General Rules

  1. Have thick skin. Have a sense of humor.
  2. Moderators will do so (moderate) at their own personal discretion. Some may let you do whatever the fuck you want, some may not. Whining to me about it is a fruitless endeavor.
  3. No EMBEDDING of porn images within the disqus comment threads during standard work hours regardless of time zone.  Porn is broadly defined and we paraphrase former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart when we say, “WE KNOW IT WHEN WE SEE IT.”  If you are worried about an image, video or animated GIF possibly being classified as porn, post it as a link only and indicate to all members that it is NSFW.
  4. You are permitted to post web links that may contain pornographic images or images deemed “Not Safe For Work” or NSFW.  You must, as a courtesy to your fellow members who are at work, warn that the web link contains NSFW material.  We do not want members who access this site from work to be disciplined or fired for innocently and unknowingly clicking on someone else’s FAP material.
  5. Try not to post 8 paragraph manifestos in the comment section. No one wants to read that shit. If you have that much to say, write an article instead. No one will probably want to read that shit either, but what the hell,… we’ll publish it.
  6. No spamming.  This includes posting the same text repeatedly, gibberish posts, .gif/.img/.jpg posts more than twice in succession.  This also includes promoting pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, work from home schemes, or links to betting sites or other internet advertising sinkholes.
  7. No posting of viruses, malware, trojan horses, or other illegal and destructive computer programs.  This also includes hacking or attempting to hack other users’ member names, avatars, or posts.
  8. You are NOT permitted to post child pornography images or links to websites containing child pornography.  You are NOT permitted to post other illegal forms of pornography. While we are HIGHLY confident this would never take place, if it did, we will notify the proper authorities and supply them with any and all information (including IP addresses) to aid in the criminal prosecution of any offender.
Thanks for hanging out with us. The site will be evolving as we move forward and we want to make this a place you can engage in football discussion, run your mouth, homer it up, or troll like a sociopath. Whatevs.