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    NFC East Week 17

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    Quick Notes: Ezekiel Elliott – 3 seasons, 2 rushing titles, 2 probowls, 1 first team all pro (prob 2),  2 trips to playoffs, 3 winning seasons. Carson Wentz – 3 seasons, 1 broken knee, 1 broken back, 1 probowl, 1 losing season, 2 unfinished seasons. Josh Johnson vs the Universe. Let’s go Josh! Justin was…

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    NFC East Week 15

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    By Justin, Quick thoughts: -Beast curse is a bitch…. -Then there’s whatever the hell curse the Redskins have, that seems worse… -Hold it together CW. No need to get ragey…. -MAGA

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    NFC East Week 13: Monday Morning Links

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    DALLAS COWBOYS (6-5) New Triplets? Maybe not, but Zeke, Dak and Amari off to promising start Jason Garrett cools off the hot seat with a three-game winning streak and playoff push Can Ezekiel Elliott put himself in the MVP race with a big game against the Saints? WASHINGTON REDSKINS (6-5) Full week of reps should…

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    NFC East W11

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    Do the the Eagles suck? …or do the eagles suck?

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    NFC East W10 – We all suck

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