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    First Article of 2018: The Story of Bearded Keal

    206 215 Oliver James

    Twas the season to be merry, give gifts, and consume copious amounts of alcohol celebrating the new year. The kids have Santa Claus, but for everybody on this website, we had a different bearded hero to provide us with joy. Here is the story of the short lived, but legendary figure we now know as…

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    DHC: The Passing of a (B)LOG LEG(END)

    900 522 chriskeal

    By Miles Hardwick Barleycorn III, Esquire As most of you have probably heard, SKA has decided that DHC is now deceased.  The circumstantial evidence doesn’t look good for him: hasn’t logged on in 10 days, and even worse, hasn’t crowed about Larry Fitzgerald reaching 100 catches for the 300th time.  That’s when I knew.  Quite…

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    NAV PRESENTS: A Tribute to our favorite racist DHC

    1000 660 chriskeal

    Hit them with a little Arizona Cardinals talk… That is the only thing our good friend DHC wanted. First of all, I sincerely hope this article is premature and DHC is perfectly fine somewhere laughing at ” Dot Head”. Earlier this week Keal attempted to contact DHC through the email address DHC provided for SKA’S…

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    The Real BKOB Report – Week 16 Edition

    835 425 BKOB

    GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! Welcome, one and all, to the final BKOB Report of the calendar year 2017! Hard to believe, isn’t it? I hope you all had a Golden Boner worthy-Christmas, filled with Tables, and Knowledge, and Charts, and Joy. I know…

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    AZK PRESENTS: #METOO and Probably #YOUTOO…

    1024 576 chriskeal

    … and the Apocalypse That Never Ends Being a Cardinals Fan Just as Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, and countless others are accused of sexual harrassment by numerous scores of innocent victims, so too am I the victim of a raping that goes far beyond the deviant misconduct of those animals. Maynard thinks what Kevin…

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