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    Charlie The Unicorn NFL Mock Draft 2.0.1

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    The FA period got off to a crazy start. Massive trades, massive pick-ups vis FA and some surprising veteran cuts. The 2 major questions that are unresolved…. where will the Kraken land and who will have AP on their roster (Cowboys, Cardinals or Vikings) in 2015 Here are my latest guesses as to what will…

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    A new and improved mock draft. The huge move of trading for TE Jimmy “Charmin Soft” Graham shakes up what Seattle will do in the draft.. let’s take a look.  The needs seem pretty obvious now…… plenty of ammo and not a ton of spots needing to be filled. OL is front and center. Depth…

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    Charlie The Unicorns 2015 NFL Mock 1.0

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    Lets keep it short and sweet. No reason to write a bunch of fluff. Take a look, drink a beer and talk about life. This draft assumes no trades, but there will be at least 1 or 2 in the top 10… if the rumors are true. 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14 Jameis Winston QB…

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    MORNIN’ BIAS with MB3

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    Volume 1: First and 10 Hello my fellow SKAmericans, and also EDTGO. I kid ED, I kid. But seriously, do you have your green card available to show? Just for funsies. Welcome to the first edition of Mornin’ Bias with MB3, the one and only “St Louis” Rams fan on this entire blog, and thus,…

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    1. Buccaneers: Jameis Winston QB Florida State This is the pick right now. Analyst all says he is the consensus #1 QB who can play NFL style offense from the Pocket. Off the field issues leave the door open for Mariota to possibly be the pick. Also might not be surprised of Lovie goes Defense and Drafts…

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