K1 PRESENTS: Point / Counterpoint – A SB LIV Retrospective

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    Well, Superbowl LIV has come and gone. What was seen by many faithful as a dynasty beginning is now in question. Adusoron is gone, perhaps for good. The 49er fan base is in disarray. Tribe might be back to his old ways, and if that is the case than truly no one is safe. Outside of SKA, a conversation in a group text was had about who was to blame for the Superbowl loss. This conversation featured me, Pats Honk #1 and Pats Honk #2.

    Me: Kyle Shanahan coached offenses have been outscored 46-0 inside of 10 minutes in 2 Superbowls.

    Pats Honk #1: That stat is erroneous – he wasn’t head coach in ATL. Yeah, he fucked up but its not on Shanahan to stop the Pats. At least he offense actually put up points, blame pie is like 10% on him and 90% on Dan Quinn. Also on Matt Ryan for being “useless”. Last night I didn’t even watch the game but that was way more on him because he was the HC in that game. I don’t think Shanahan fucked up that bad last night. More about the KC offense being good

    Me: Sure, but Shanahan ran the offense in ATL. Quinn had little to nothing to do with that.

    Pats Honk#1: You’re reaching. Quinn is the HC he needs to coach the situation. That ATL loss is not on SB, he’s calling plays and is in the playcalling zone. He needed a true HC to be in his ear to remind him of the situation. We have no idea what it’s like to call a game in the SB, sounds dumb but the OCs need people helping them. Sorry that stat about Shanahan is comical. Why do people waste their time trying to say that garbage? If Jimmy doesn’t overthrow Sanders it doesn’t matter. Shanahan choked somewhat, but his QB needs to make those plays.

    Pats Honk #2: Vikings and Packers were a joke, I was not impressed with the 49ers playoff run.

    There was more from Pats Honk #1, but if 75% of the people who post here read even this far I’d be impressed. In my opinion, Shanahan shares some blame but him not trusting Jimmy inside of 2 minutes is really damning evidence of what he thought about his chances of scoring in a 2 minute drill. I also think that Shanahan’s last two Superbowl appearances are going to be a massive “munkey” on his back until he dispels it.



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