K1’s Week 15 NFCW Update: Special Edition

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    Current NFC West Standings:

    Los Angeles Rams: 11-3
    Seattle Seahawks: 8-6
    San Francisco 49ers: 4-10
    Arizona Cardinals: 3-11

    Rams Update:

    The Rams lost a home game to the Eagles 27-20. Despite Jared Goff passing for almost 350 yards, the Rams left points on the field and ultimately lost to an injury ravaged Eagles team. Fortunately for the Rams, the only thing standing between them and locking up the #2 seed is the Cardinals and 49ers the last two weeks. The Rams should use these contests to get things right on the offensive side of the ball. The biggest concern however coming out of the Eagles game is the health of Todd Gurley. He is experiencing what is being described as “knee inflammation” and may miss this weeks game in Arizona as a result. The Rams signed veteran RB CJ Anderson to add depth to the backfield, but how much of the playbook he can digest in less than a week is questionable. Regardless, it’s a game the Rams should win.

    Seahawks/49ers update:

    In an NFC West classic, the 49ers were finally able to end their 10 game losing streak to the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara. Glory days of NFC West past were brought to light once again, as 49er fans celebrated their victory. Adusoron even came back to bask in the victory celebration. Nick Mullens has at least secured the #2 QB job for SF. TE George Kittle and WR Dante Pettis have also emerged as budding stars in the 49er offense. The biggest thing though is that this is the type of game HC Kyle Shanahan needed to have professionally. A key win against a superior and hated division rival is something he can use to lay the foundation for next year. On the other side, due to injuries and being exposed in other ways, the idea of the Seahawks being “the team no one wants to play” came back down to Earth some. As long as they have Russell Wilson on the field. they’ll be a threat to any team though.

    Cardinals Update:

    Rumors are swirling that in addition to the inevitable firing of HC Steve Wilks, that GM Steve Keim may be on his way out as well. Keim has assembled some of the best Cardinal teams in franchise history, but this season has taken a big toll on his overall credibility. It’s safe to say things could look very different in the desert during the 2019 season

    Bonus Feature: Sando chat quotes of year’s past

    Found some of these gems last night, some current and sadly former members of our community are featured here. There will be more to come in the coming weeks as the regular season concludes

    ShadowNinjaMunkey (Steve’sTimeOutRoom)
    Sando, I have a question about the Hawks long range salary management. Thinking about their secondary, if they get market value in a few years, it seems like there is no way a team can invest that much in their secondary. Who do you think the priorities are?

    Mike Sando (1:58 PM)
    Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are easily the priorities. I think they can re-sign others too.

    Sloppybeast (Traverse City, MI)
    I feel that the Ravens D has lost a step, while the 49ers O has gained a step. Do you think that the speed of the 49ers skill players will be a major advantage for the 49ers?

    Mike Sando (1:43 PM)
    Yes, I do. List the 5-6 most explosive players in this game and you’ll see most are on the 49ers, and one of the, Colin Kaepernick, is going to handle the football a great deal of the time.

    ancientage530 (Lake Tahoe)
    Do you see the Cardinals going for Cassel? To me it seems like him and Kolb are the same.

    Mike Sando (3:47 PM)
    The Cardinals just need to have veteran options on the roster before the draft to remove pressure from taking a starting quarterback early. If Cassel were part of the mix, fine. But they just need someone who can start a game.

    Be honest.How Badly do you want to see a NFCW NFCCG? You would be the envy of all the other Bloggers and you would rub it in their faces.

    Mike Sando (1:17 PM)
    I’d love to see a Seahawks-49ers battle with a Super Bowl berth at stake.

    Nice job ED, Jesus Christ. I’d post more quotes but this would end up being the longest article in SKA history. Like I said though, this is the tip of the iceberg.

    Week 16 NFC West Matchups:

    Los Angles Rams AT Arizona Cardinals
    Chicago Bears AT San Francisco 49ers
    Kansas City Chiefs AT Seattle Seahawks



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