MAYNARD PRESENTS: Can Russell Carrington Wilson carry a team?

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    I decided to take my morning and arduously task to find out the above question. Just how much can Russell Wilson carry the team on his back when needed? I decided to compare 3 known Elite QBs and RW to find out how well they do when their defense gives up 25 or more points in a single game. While I completely understand there are more elements than just QBs in any wins I think you will find the numbers bear out just how bad he has fared in these games. So lets begin with numbers!!!! *Note I started every Quarterback when they became a full time regular starter and numbers include playoff games as well.

    Big Ben: Ben is a lifetime 15-43 for 25% win rate when his defense surrenders 25 or more points but where things really go wrong for him is a life time 0-7 in playoffs when they do.

    A-Aron Rodgers: Rodgers is certainly an improvement over Big Ben, with an 18-39-1 record he has a 31% win rate overall. In the playoffs he is 2-6 for a 25% win rate.

    Brady: Brady really sits heads and tails above everyone else in this category. At 37-45 he has an astounding 45% win rate overall when his defense gives up 25 or more points and in the playoffs is 5-7 with a 41% win rate.

    Wilson: This is what were all here for right? Numbers and knowledge. So lets get right to it. For his career Russell Carrington Wilson is a paltry 3-23 with an astonishing 11.5% win rate when his defense allows 25 points or more and like Ben he has yet to win a playoff game in such a scenario as he is 0-4 in the playoffs.

    As you can see Wilson is less then half the win % than even the next worst QB in this comparison. Now, I am sure some will counter with his 4th quarter play over the years and I will not take that away from him but the wins don’t lie, when RW is needed the most to shoulder the load and carry his team to victory you can count on him only 11.5% of the time to successfully do so. All in all Seattle had better find an Elite defense again quickly or sitting in the middle the road will be a long term thing for this franchise.

    *Note 2: This article was written quite early in the morning, any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors can be attributed to lack of coffee intake.



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