Munkster’s All Star Game Update of the Year

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    I promised Brew I would update him on the Hall of Fame game. I would not be lying if I said I watched the game, as I was technically in a few rooms that it was displayed on screens. I did glance at the screen from time to time, and the volume was high enough that I could almost make out what was being said. I did catch a small piece in which Kurt Warner talked about his twisted path, and his wife. I heard Jerry Jones be Jerry Jones. I know that Arizona and Gabbert (Yo Gabba Gabbert still makes me smile) looked good early, but eventually lost 18-20. But I also know that the Mariners lost 6-4. Unfortunately this is about the extent of what I can actually update about the game.

    I thought about turning the little bit of what I saw into a preview of how these 2 team’s seasons will turn out, based on this one game. Everything I can come up with is rude, so instead I will just end this with Munkster’s great prediction of how this game would go:

    This game started out exciting as it was NFL football, but by the end of the first quarter you already started to feel like you were watching a college all star game, at best. The second half had a lot of depressing mistakes, which oddly enough, made the coaches laugh, not yell. All the players cried at the end because they realized they would never play in a regular season game. – Munkster 7/27/2017

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